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Driving Customer Engagement

July 2019

How To Drive Customer Engagement It’s one thing to get people to notice your company, but it’s another thing entirely to keep them engaged. This is the battle every business is fighting, a fight that can result in some desperate pleas for attention. But we don’t want to...

Why is Customer Engagement Important?

July 2019

Business is best conducted within the bounds of a relationship. Establishing and nurturing a relationship between sales reps and customers is key. By meeting your customers where they are and engaging them, you are better poised to sell and sell again. Customer engagement is not a trend. It’s...

Measuring Customer Engagement

July 2019

We have talked extensively about what customer engagement is, how to drive it, and why it’s important for your business. Now that you have the right tools to implement a customer engagement strategy, you need to begin defining how you will measure success to determine what is working...

External Communication and Business Growth: Why Communication is Vital to Your Business Success

April 2019

Effective communication is critical to brands in order to succeed. There is equal power in the way that you communicate your product and the actual product in itself. We have seen hundreds of startups with a phenomenal product and a subpar message. As well as hundreds of organizations...

The Benefits of Customer Engagement Software

February 2019

Engagement matters because people’s emotions matter. When we engage our consumers we develop an emotional connection with them. Customer engagement reflects your consumers’ emotional attachment to your brand and the value it adds to their life. How we as organizations foster customer engagement can change the way that...

Why Company Culture is Critical in 2019

November 2018

Why Company Culture is Critical in 2019 There are quite a few people in our workspace who love the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy. Maybe you’ve seen it, or maybe not, but there is a theme we see throughout every season. It’s the moment when a patient’s heartbeat stops,...

How Video Messaging Can Change The Way You Do Business

July 2018

We talk a lot about how video is the king of content, and this is really only clear after we have begun to implement it. Once video becomes a tool that we use, it will quickly become a tool that we depend on. From educating employees to engaging...

4 Ways Video Can Strengthen Customer Support

April 2018

Customer support is sometimes a thankless, frustrating job. Any sort of tech product is going to have an customer on-boarding process, an ongoing client success relationship and its share of glitches and issues, so you need people at the ready to answer any questions that your customers need....

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