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The Benefits of Video Messaging

September 2020

Content is king, and video is the king of content.  From educating employees to engaging customers and prospects, video has effectively changed the way we operate our businesses. More than anything, it’s changed the way we communicate.  Here are 4 ways that video messaging can benefit your brand:...

How to Incorporate Video into Your Customer Communication Strategy

May 2020

The customer experience is having a moment. According to Salesforce, 67% of customers have a higher standard for good experiences than ever before, and 80% of customers say customer experience is as important as its products and services. But what does that mean for your brand? It means...

4 Types of Demo Videos You Should Create Right Now

April 2020

Social distancing and working remotely mean that we have to be creative with how we communicate with our prospects, customers, and even our own employees.  Jumping on a web conference isn’t always practical or realistic. Don’t get us wrong, we love a good web conference. We use them...

Get Face-to-Face with the Help of Video

March 2020

Being face-to-face with whom you need to isn’t always an option. So what do you do to promote community and maintain relationships when remote work is steadily becoming a reality? With the power of video, you and your team can stay in touch with each other, create custom...

External Communication Strategies for 2020

January 2020

Effective External Communication Strategies for 2020 “Strategy” is a word we hear often in our day-to-day operations. Every sector of your business likely has a strategy of some kind. Whether you have internal strategies for hiring, training, and coaching, or external strategies for sales, marketing, and customer success,...

12 Ways to Use Video for the Holidays

December 2019

It’s that time of year again! Time for wrapping presents, avoiding the flu, launching end of year campaigns, and getting started on next year’s budgeting and planning. In other words, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Maybe the holiday season feels a little busier than usual....

How Personalized Communication Will Change the Way You Do Business

December 2019

As technology rapidly continues to speed up the way we communicate with our target audience, it is easy to feel a disconnect creeping in. It is essential for your company to be more intentional in communication and outreach. After all, a lack of personalized communication is a surefire...

11 Ways to Use Personalized Video for Real Estate

September 2019

The housing market is hot, and marketing homes in a saturated market can be tough. But did you know that homes listed with video get 4x the inquiries of homes listed without video? For agents trying to penetrate a crowded market, video for real estate can be an...

10 Customer Engagement Strategies to Increase Client Retention

July 2019

10 Effective Customer Engagement Strategies Once you have done all the work to get the attention of your audience and customers, you now have to do the work to keep them around. The fun isn’t over yet! In fact, this might be where you have to work harder...

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