Customer Success

Successful customer communication starts with video.

Customer Engagement Strategies by vidREACH

Customer engagement and communication are key to an efficient and effective customer success team. If you’re not utilizing an engagement strategy that includes video, you’re missing out on a medium that is 64% more likely to create re-engagement than email or chatbots.

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What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement is measured by how customers interact with your brand and is as unique as your brand and your customers. Engaging your customers beyond the point of sale encourages client retention and customer referrals, and boosts brand identity.

Customer Engagement

Embrace the power of personalized communication.

Video Email

Personalized customer engagement just got easier.

vidREACH is a customer engagement platform that personalizes and automates video and email so that every interaction with your customers is as unique as they are. vidREACH allows you to put a face to your brand and create more authentic connections with your customer base. By creating customer engagement video campaigns, you can streamline and personalize your customer outreach and provide a high-quality experience that creates more meaningful and lasting customer relationships.

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How can you use vidREACH for customer communication?

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Ensure a seamless experience.

Ensure messaging is strong and consistent across all channels. By using vidREACH customer engagement platform, you can create video engagement campaigns to share relevant info across all outlets, capturing your clients’ attention more than phone and email alone.

New product announcements.

Product release announcements just got easier. With vidREACH customer engagement platform, you can create a video announcement to streamline your client communication process, keep messaging on-point, and provide a personalized experience for your customers.

Train and onboard.

With vidREACH, you can provide a personalized customer training experience. Custom videos and screen-recorded training demos cater to each customer and their specific use case, creating a seamless and unique customer experience.


Don’t worry about memorizing scripts for product announcements – just upload them to the teleprompter and start reading.

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Email Templates

Create branded email templates to send to customers with pre-approved messaging that keeps your customer success team on the same page.

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Ensure your customers are receiving content at the right time with automated and customized workflows.

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Screen Capture

Screen record a preview of product releases or send a quick demo or how-to directly to customers – all from within the platform.

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