vidREACH Workflow

Deliver the right message at the right time.

vidREACH Workflow

Personalize and automate your lead generation, sales interactions, customer success communications, and employee coaching processes.

Save Time

Give the gift of time to your reps.

Personalized automation keeps follow-ups consistent and timely, and gives reps their time back so they can focus on what matters – closing deals.


Always be prospecting.

Personalized automation enables your sales reps to continuously prospect in the background while working to close deals already in their funnels.

Generate Leads

Keeps leads from going cold.

It takes 7-9 touches before a lead expresses interest in a product. Most sales reps give up after just one follow-up. Ensure that every lead gets a follow-up with personalized automation that prioritizes outreach.

vidREACH has the features to make your life easier.

Behavior-based Triggers

Every interaction counts.

How a contact moves through a workFLOW depends on how they engage and interact with the content you send.

Seamless Workflow Transition

Prevent lead fall-off.

After completing a workFLOW, unengaged contacts are auto-transitioned to the next workFLOW to prevent leads from going cold

Real-Time Notifications

Never miss an opportunity.

Receive notifications in real-time and track which contacts are interacting with your content, all without logging into the platform.

Drag & Drop

Create a workflow in seconds.

With drag and drop capability, you can create custom workflows with custom content for each of your prospect personas.