5 Fun Activities for Corporate Team Building

By Sean Gordon

Is the vibe in your office more and more gloomy lately? If so, it’s more than likely time to plan a team outing for your company.

Fun team building activities are a great way to step outside of your daily operations and allow your employees to get to know their coworkers outside of a work environment. We’re all human and we all crave relationships, so why not create a space that allows your employees to get to know something about their coworkers other than their first names?

How do you go about finding fun team building activities for your company? Skip the Google search and let our team help! Next time your team is looking for a way to lift office spirits, try out one of these fun ideas.

1. Attend a Sports Game

A few months ago our team hopped on a company-wide call thinking they were going to get a company update, but instead we surprised them with a fun day at the ballpark. Taking your team to a game is an easy and incredibly fun event for your team whether they are avid sports lovers or not. So, whoever you may be cheering for, make sure to round up your people and head to the nearest stadium. Sports games are a great way to engage your team in a fun, outside-of-work activity. It’s the perfect combination of comradery and competition. Who doesn’t love a great game where you can cheer on your home team.  

2. Escape Room

Want to test your team’s leadership, teamwork, and strategy skills? This activity is the perfect solution. Escape rooms get everyone engaged as everyone races against the clock to, in quite literal terms, “Escape the room.” Through a series of challenges and adventures, your team will be locked in a room for one hour and with each other’s help, they’ll (hopefully) figure out how to make it out.  

3. Laser Tag or Bowling

Looking for another way to get the adrenaline pumping? What better way than with a little friendly game of laser tag. This gets your team hyped while great team building takes place. If that isn’t exciting enough, add a game of bowling on as well. We recommend doing a team bowling competition, where you have each team bowl against each other. For example, try having Marketing bowl against Development. It creates a friendly game of competition and builds inner team comradery.

4. Happy Hour

HAPPY HOUR! This might be our favorite event here at vidREACH. Happy Hour doesn’t have to be an extravagant event. It can be easiest to organize and put on. Pick a gathering space where your team can mingle and get to know each other, rather than having your team be confined to a cramped seating area.

5. Explore a New Place

Do you work near or in a major city? If so, this is always a fun way to engage your employees. You can take a day trip exploring a local attraction or a hidden gem in your city. Our office HQ is based out of Atlanta, so our team outings might include a day down to Suntrust Park and The Battery or a hiking trip in the North Georgia Mountains.

Whatever your team decides, rest assured that investing time into developing your culture outside of the office will propel your company’s growth immensely.

Let your culture speak louder. Learn more here on fostering strong team culture within your workspace.

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