Employee Engagement Platform

Invest in the most important assets you have: your people.

Boost employee engagement throughout the employee journey.

Create a collaborative learning environment coupled with compelling training content to increase employee engagement and retention rates.

Go mobile with vidREACH Coach.

Mobile learning combined with our award-winning CCMS is revolutionizing the way teams collaborate.


Maximize the team-building process through shared learning.


Customize coaching for your unique workforce.

From the very beginning, your team will have the advantage of company knowledge, experience, and best practices available on their mobile device.

Cultivate direct, face-to-face connections with team members without physically being in the same place – all while creating a library of assets.

Star performers are 57% more likely to stay with a company if they feel connected to a leader who provides excellent team building & coaching.

Boost confidence by providing opportunities to practice training and gain invaluable, constructive feedback.

Team Acceleration

Building a Better Team the Right Way

vidREACH’s team building platform provides your company with a universal, yet customizable way to effectively handle team acceleration directly from your laptop or mobile device. Our coaching software combines digital video with predictive analytics to enable your company leaders to build a team the right way.

Our digital platform accelerates team performance by giving your employees the ability to improve performance and receive feedback while helping leaders track and manage progress. With vidREACH, you gain quantifiable results in your business in half the time.


Teams have potential, but may need unification in fully embracing the sales strategy of the company and developing unified sales pitches.


vidREACH allows teams to be creative, practice pitches and submit ideas to management for approval and constructive critique.


When your team is unified, they will have the capability to secure new accounts, increase sales and over-deliver on promises to clients.

Department Heads

vidREACH business coaching software helps develop customer-centric teams, new sales rep orientation, customer service practice, employee coaching, training skill certification and support knowledge.

Sales Professionals

The vidREACH coaching platform is perfect for sales professionals who need to create a holistic system to increase sales skills and knowledge retention. Use online coaching software to help get low performers back on track in less time. Help top performers become proactive in promoting a spirit of teamwork among coworkers.


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