4 Characteristics Top Talent is Looking for in a Company in 2019

By Sean Gordon

4 Characteristics Top Talent is Looking for in a Company in 2019

I want to challenge you today to place yourself for the next few minutes in the seat of the candidates that you are trying to recruit for your organization. Try to channel what they feel and think during your organization’s candidate experience.

As your company begins the journey of recruiting the best talent, you may often find yourself struggling to find the perfect fit for your organization. A large portion of recruiting includes one fundamental principle: your employees aren’t meant to fit a mold, they are meant to complement your brand and mission.  Top talent recruitment goes beyond what candidates bring to the table. There are key factors to look for that indicate anticipated success within your organization.

Let’s dive deeper into 4 important factors that top talent is looking for during the job search:

1. Culture

People Matter. We say it time and time again here at vidREACH. Your people are your greatest asset. When you hire you not only hire for your company, you hire for your talent. It is vital that there is an equal fit for your organization and your candidate. With the upcoming generation entering the workforce, there is a rising need for your company to focus on displaying your culture to your talent. Millennial and Generation Z candidates desire to know that the culture they are stepping into aligns with their personal values and desires for an organization. It’s time for the era of cubicles and silence in the office to end their reign. Say goodbye to traditional workplace culture, because your top talent in 2019 isn’t buying into it.

2. Adding Value

Your top talent isn’t just looking for what you can do for them. They also deeply care about what they can do for you. One of their primary desires is to ensure that they are adding value to your organization. They want to know that what they have to bring to the table actually adds value to your company. When prospecting talent, you want to make sure that your company is displaying tangible ways for your candidates to see that they can be valuable assets to your team. A great way to display this is through highlighting your mission, values, and company goals. These allow the talent to see if they would be a good fit for your company.

3. Live Out Your Purpose

“Purpose” is a large word that we hear more and more when thinking about recruiting the best talent. Over and over again we see employee turnover because employees felt as if they weren’t able to do purpose-driven work. Purpose matters to your candidates, and therefore it should matter to you. In some fashion, your organization has a mission or purpose that you live by. This hopefully is the foundation behind each decision that you make. You want to fulfill your company’s mission. In the same respect, your candidates are looking to fulfill their own purpose. Purpose goes beyond the 9-5 work. It is believing fully that you are indeed making an impact through the work that you are doing. When candidates are able to see your company mission, culture, corporate values, and goals they are better able to understand what is the point of saying yes to your organization.

4. Let’s Grow

Career development is one of the top necessities for individuals when stepping into a new career. Top talent looks deeper than the perks and benefits, that your company offers. They want to know if they are going to be able to flourish within their role. The worst thing you could do for a candidate is to not allow them to see the pathway of their role. It is important if not vital, that they are able to see that there opportunities for growth. A lack of such could detour them from desiring to pursue a career with you.

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