Why Building A Strong Company Culture Is Vital to Your Organization

By Sean Gordon

Every company has a culture, but not every culture is effectively contributing to the overall health of the business.

As a kid you learn about how the human body functions. You learn how it thrives and what threatens its overall wellbeing. You learn about the vital components we cannot live without,  including Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA is a chain of nucleotides carrying the genetic instructions used in the growth, development, functioning and fruition of all living organisms. Similar to DNA, a company’s culture is a unique identifier that provides insight into the overall success of the business. It displays the development, growth, and current functioning of the organization. 

Unfortunately, positive company culture in modern society is a rarity rather than a norm. Why is that? Why is culture so often overlooked in the workplace? And truly, does it even matter?

We have gathered a series of insights that better dive into the benefits of evoking strong company culture.

To begin, let’s identify why company culture is vital for your organizational success.

Company culture defines the ways in which your organization does business, how they interact as a team, with customers, via social platforms, and with stakeholders. It is your DNA. It defines who you are, what you stand for, and ultimately the way that you will grow. That DNA factor, when designed in a positive and healthy way, can inspire and attract incredible talent, as well as help you empower and retain the wonderful talent you currently have. After all, the best asset you have is your people.

Company Culture primarily affects threImage result for cool company culturee aspects of business:

Identity – Culture is a major contributor to the identity and core values of your organization. Identity within your company establishes what expectations from both employee and employer perspectives. Identity curates behaviors and interactions that take place within your organization and molds to your brand image. It goes farther than just your company name; it is also your brand and reputation.

Retention- Incredible company culture will attract, activate, and retain incredible talent. Individuals desire to be seen and heard, and when they feel like they have a place within your organization, it changes the game. Motivation levels for your teams will increase and your employees will have a more positive brand image.

Image – The way that you treat your company community will be a strong representation of how they view your brand.  Before you can effectively lead a strong brand perception internally, it is crucial that your internal communication and vision are in line.

Key Benefits of Strong Company Culture Include:

  • Better Communication
    • Strong, transparent communication allows departments to collaborate in striving to reach company goals.
  • Clear Vision
    • A clear understanding of the mission and vision of your organization will challenge employees to uphold your company’s values as they go throughout their day.
  • Respect
    • Cultivating respect builds trust and cooperation across departments in your business.
  • Efficiency
    • Reduced complexity leads to quicker execution and implementation. When clear motivations and expectations are defined, goals can be more easily achieved.
  • Cohesion
    • Establishing core values to live by in the workplace allows all individuals to have a clear understanding of what the culture embodies. Organization members are able to better collaborate with one another when united for the same business goals.

Why is company culture important now more than ever?

Millenials are the largest generational cohort in the United States workforce. As a generation, their perspective on the world is different than societal norms. They desire meaning in their work over stability, as well as solid company values and a culture in which they feel motivated and empowered. Where previous generations modeled loyalty and stability, millennials are shifting the expectations for corporations today. As a result, a winning culture is essential in attracting top talent in your industry.

How to place culture at the top of your prioritiescompany culture kit

  • Design a Culture Kit
    • This includes images, examples, phrases, and anything that embodies your unique culture. This kit is designed to be a resources for the organization. It can be shared with your employees so that everyone is consistent in their understanding of the company.
  • Know your fit
    • A vital role for your organization is understanding that your company may not be for everyone. Knowing what your core values entail will allow you to hire more intentionally and find the right fit for your company.
  • Always strive to be better
    • Stagnation can be dangerous for a company’s DNA. This doesn’t indicate that change is necessary every single day or even every month. Instead, it suggests what steps can be taken to better the company as a whole. The first step to take in striving for better is asking: “Do my employees feel heard?” “Do they know confidently that they are a valuable asset to our organization?” This cultivates a space where questions and concerns can be discussed and solutions can be collaboratively innovated.


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