What is Shared Learning?

By Sean Gordon

Shared learning is the process of working as a team to achieve a common objective. Team members who share knowledge and complement each other’s skills tend to see better results and hit goals faster than those who keep their knowledge to themselves.


There are many benefits that come with implementing a shared learning environment. Did you know? Star performers are 57% more likely to stay with a company if they feel connected to a leader who provides excellent team building and coaching


Here are a few key benefits of shared learning:

  • Maximizes team building and acceleration
  • Creates a stronger culture
  • Increases engagement and retention
  • Reinforces company message across all roles and locations
  • Boosts the confidence of new employees by providing opportunities to practice their training and gain invaluable, constructive feedback


The best way to implement shared learning on your team is to start by creating a culture that empowers those who share. A team that shares what works amongst each other and builds up their team members is far more mighty than a team that keeps what works a secret and competes against each other. Also, encourage team to learn from experience! Nothing is more powerful than your best rep recording a video of a great sales call they had or a perfect closing line to share with their team to try on future calls and deals.

Let me know how you use shared learning to empower your team!

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