5 Signs Video Screening is Right For The Interview Process In Your Business

By Sean Gordon

Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to conduct an interview? What if you could eliminate the risk of employee turnover, save time and money, and gain complete control over your interview process? With technology growing bigger and brighter every day, more opportunities to improve businesses are opening up and one advancement in particular has caught our interest– video screening. By ditching your traditional interviewing regime for video screening software, you’ll free yourself from stress and certain risks you’ve been facing. But how can you tell if video screening is worth taking the plunge? Here are five surefire signs our software is right for your business.

1.) You’re seeking a more time-efficient tactic.

One of many issues with traditional hiring is how long the process of receiving applications, conducting both phone and final interviews, and making an offer actually takes. Why wait 45 days to find your perfect candidate? With video screening software, you can conduct up to 10 video interviews within the 28 minutes it generally takes just for a single phone screening, or the 48 minutes for in-person meetings. Not only that, but you never have to worry about your potential employee showing up late or waiting weeks for a face to face screening due to travel.

2.) You’re looking for something cost friendly.

If a successful business isn’t looking to save time, they’re on the prowl for ways to save money. Looking at the average cost to hire, there’s a ballpark range between $1500 and $5000 per new hire. Now let’s think about the dreaded employee turnover fees. Up to 80% of employee turnover costs come from poor hiring in the interview process due to traditional methods, which roughly equals about 4 times their annual salary. Who wants to pay that much money? Certainly not you! When you opt for video screening software, you can avoid making bad hiring decisions as you’ll have a richer interview experience. If that’s not enough money placed back into your business’s pocket, you’ll be eliminating those face-to-face travel expenses.

3.) There’s a need to truly see your potential new hires.

From excellent customer service skills and a kind, inviting smile to having the proper knowledge of the open position, you have a pretty clear image of your perfect new employee. Video screening technology assists you in selecting the right candidate as it will ask everyone the same set of questions. It will also capture the interview so you can go back and replay, review, and rate the experience. It also provides you with a better opportunity to associate a name with a face, making it easier to add a personal connection with your possible future hires.

4.) And gain a better idea of which ones to kick to the curb.

Anyone could put on a polite voice and feed you precisely what you want to hear over the phone, but it’s difficult for people to put on an act when someone’s watching their every move. Imagine if you could save yourself from falling for their show on the phone and then finding out you wasted your time at the in-person interview? Just as video screening allows you to tell if a potential hire possesses the right traits and skill set for the job, it allows you to weed out everyone who possesses the wrong ones.

5.) You want total control.

As if all the benefits of video screening didn’t already have you sold, there’s one final element that makes it even more worth investing in. You have total control of your interview process. You have complete say over where and when you’ll evaluate screenings. No more juggling schedules or playing phone tag! No more limits on applications because you can invite even more people to apply, ensuring you find your perfect candidate. Not sure how you feel the first time around? You can record, pause, rewind, and even share your screenings! Or if you’re definitely sure someone isn’t a match, you can skip right to the next interview.

If any of these signs ring true to your professional needs and if the endless benefits of video screening sounds perfect for your business’ interview process, take action by getting in touch with us. For more information on how video screening is right for you, be sure to visit our blog!

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