Dress for Success- How to Crush Your Upcoming Video Interview

By Sean Gordon

You did it! You applied for that job you’ve been wanting, and now are preparing for a video interview hoping to land the role.

With the increased use of technology in everyday business, companies are shying away more and more from hiring procedures that are high cost and expense a great amount of time. They desire quicker connections that authentically allow them to communicate with potential candidates without any discord in the process.

Do you have an upcoming video interview and are feeling completely unprepared and unequipped for a genuine interaction via technology?

Here are a few tangible steps to help crush your upcoming video interview with confidence, while displaying your best and most authentic self:

1. Preparation is Key

Every professional athlete would affirm that Game Day doesn’t happen without preparation. You play like you practice and practice how you play. Once you land a video interview for that company that you are eager to work for, the first step that you can take is to prepare.

If you are doing the video interview at home, here are a few key points that may help in preparing for the interview:

  • Identify what technology you need ahead of time, and do a quick test run to ensure that everything is working properly. You don’t want a small technical error to come between you and the perfect job!
  • Send all materials (resume, portfolio, etc.) requested by the recruiter ahead of time.
  • Plan ahead what you are going to wear. Try it on and make sure that you feel confident in your decision.

 2. Details Matter

Aside from just looking your best for your video interview, it is important to ensure that your surroundings look the best as well! On the day of the interview, be sure to take a minute and look at the background of the video:

How’s the lighting? Are there any distractions in the background? Is your space tidy? These are all small details that can make a significant impact during your conversation.

PRO TIP: A plain wall is perfect for a video interview. It allows the recruiter to stay focused on what matters: YOU!

3. Dress for Success

Dress for the job you want. 

While you may not be meeting in person with the company interviewing you, you should treat it as if you were face-to-face. Now, is this permission to stay in your comfy pajama pants, because they will most likely only see your face? Well… maybe not. If there is any possibility of standing during the interview, make sure that you are in full business attire, even though the camera may only display from the waist up. Fully dressing the part will help with that extra confidence boost as you go through the interview.

So if pajama pants are out, what exactly can you wear? Again, keep it simple. Don’t stress about having the perfect and most unique outfit. Stick with the classics and let your incredible personality do the rest.

Here are a few inside tips into What Not to Wear:

  • Be mindful of how your clothes fit Make sure not to wear clothing that is too baggy or too tight.
  • Avoid whiteWhile many individuals think that white maintains a professional look, it actually has a negative effect on camera. It can overpower the face, making you look washed out. Darker solid color choices are your best option for the big day.
  • Avoid a lot of jewelry – Keep it simple. Minimalism prevails in a video interview situation as it keeps the focus on your face and the conversation you are having during your interview.

 4. During the Interview

During the interview make sure to clear your surroundings. Keep it clean and simple. You don’t want any chance of distracting your interviewer.

Maybe you are interviewing in the midst of a hectic day. Try to ensure that you can step away to a quieter place. Make sure to unplug and silence your phone and computer (unless you’re using them for your video interview, of course). The emails can wait for just a few minutes!

Okay, the moment is finally here, and you are finally taking your interview. Don’t stress out…You got this!

Make sure to maintain eye contact. This can be tricky during a video interview because the video of yourself on the screen falls just below where you need to look to maintain eye contact. Try and focus on the camera rather than looking at the screen, it will help your interviewer know that you are present and engaged. Be conscious of your posture and nonverbal communication (hand gestures, smile, etc.), as it can as powerful as verbal communication.

What is an Employer Expecting?

What are employers expecting from candidates who are doing a one-way video interview? While the interview process may seem a little intimidating, here are a few final tips that can help you navigate through employer expectations:

  • Make sure to answer the question that is asked. More than likely you won’t have a large amount of time to answer every question, so make sure to answer the question that is being asked, not the question that you were hoping would be asked.
  • Be Authentic and c Don’t be intimidated by a screen. Just be yourself. Display your skills and personality in the time that you do have when answering each question.

As you prepare for your next interview, keep these tangible steps in mind and go confidently into your video interview, You got this!

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