Use Online Coaching To Promote Team Acceleration

By Sean Gordon

Potential is nothing without action. As a coach, how can you help your sales team take concrete steps to becoming more efficient, skilled and confident in their roles?

Building a prepared, confident and capable sales team in a short timespan is tough. When coaching a large, diverse group, it can be difficult to constantly ensure each member is fully equipped with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive.

The bigger your team becomes, the more difficult it is to maintain a clear coaching strategy. When members feel lost, unsure or confused, they won’t be working as efficiently — and quality will suffer.   

The remedy? Clarity, unification and motivation.

Your sales team needs a clear strategy in order to succeed. As a coach, you need to provide the right resources, strategies and tactics in the most understandable and efficient ways possible.

Online coaching may be the tool you need to truly accelerate the potential of your sales team.

The benefits of online coaching

Whether it’s practicing sales pitches, submitting work for review or simply brainstorming new tactics, online coaching opens up a new world of possibilities for organizing, streamlining, clarifying and ultimately accelerating the progress of each team member — whether they’re the newest member, the lowest seller or the star performer.

New or low-performing employees receive a confidence boost by practicing training in a safe environment with constructive feedback and high-performing employees are 57% more likely to stay with the company if they feel connected to a leader with exceptional coaching and team building.

What type of online platform should you look for?

The best coaching softwares are simple and easy-to-navigate, yet customizable for your team’s specific needs. You need something desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly — simple enough for your grandma to use without sacrificing innovative features that ensure your team learns fast. You need flexibility and mobility, allowing you to make a direct connection anywhere, anytime — whether you’re in the office, at home or in the Caribbean.

Whether it’s easily-sharable digital video creation that simultaneously creates a library of videos for later use or predictive analysis capabilities that allow your employees to easily receive feedback and improve their performance, the ideal platform benefits both the employee and the coach.

Enhanced communication for more unity

Your team will have issues. But what’s important is how these issues are communicated and resolved. Our online coaching enables you to quickly consolidate issues across a team and resolve them with greater efficiency, allowing your team to get back to producing great results.

The result? A team that is united, informed and motivated to perform their very best — leading not only to increased sales, but enhanced relationships with one another and the priceless intrinsic value of a job well-done.

The vidREACH Team Building & Coaching platform creates concrete, quantifiable results for your team, giving you more flexibility than ever before so that you can get back to what matters: making great sales. Learn more about vidREACH’s innovative coaching software today.



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