The Best Way to Prepare for Team Acceleration in 2019

By Sean Gordon

2019 is finally here. The newness of resolutions is starting to slow-down. The hype surrounding resolutions can be exciting, but what happens when the excitement wears off? How do you keep your team accelerating to accomplish all of your 2019 goals?

Maybe your team has already taken the steps to make catalyst movement in the new year, but if not, we are sharing a few tips to stay motivated as you crush your goals.

Reflect on the past year.

Before you can go forward, you have to go back. This is an important step in taking your team to the next level. For every team, this process will look different, but reflection is a pivotal tool to jumpstart your new year. Take some time with your team and look at each aspect of your previous year. The good, the bad, and the ugly. What areas did you thrive in, and what areas could use some improvement? Ask your team if there are any processes or operations that need to be eliminated altogether. The most important thing you can do for your team during this process is cultivating a space where your team can share openly and in a constructive manner. This time of reflection should not be a time to throw team members under the bus or to redesign your entire business model. Rather, you can foster a healthy conversation to create tangible goals that welcome change in the upcoming year.

Cast vision for what is to come.

Where are all my dreamers at? There is power in taking a step as a team to cast a vision for the upcoming year. This allows new ideas to be collectively discussed and cultivated. What if one of your team members had a breakthrough idea, but had no creative space to ever share what they were thinking? Allow this time to be for the dreamers and creatives. Let your team project creative and innovative thoughts, and then begin to intersect it with strategy. This will ultimately help you cast a vision for your upcoming year. When creativity and strategy intersect, vision is created.

Create measurable goals.

Once your team has taken a step back as well as looked forward to the future, it’s time to create measurable goals that can be implemented throughout the new year.  Your goals should not only be measurable, but also specific, attainable, timely, and relevant. Goals with these characteristics will better set your team up for success. A large part of setting goals is ensuring that everyone is on the same page once your goals have been determined. You should go over each goal and each step your team will take to get there, as well as any expectations that may come along with reaching it.

Determine healthy communication tactics.

As your team prepares for an exciting year ahead, another great tactic to invest in team acceleration is to define healthy communication practices. These set the standard of what is allowed and what isn’t, as well as foster a space for conversation to take place. Talk about the different types of communication (interpersonal, oral, non-verbal, and written). Think about how these can be used to foster better communication within your team dynamics as you all strive to make 2019 the best year possible for your organization.

We are expectant for a great 2019! Want more tips on team acceleration? Let us help!


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