Support Your Unique Company Culture with Peer Learning

By Sean Gordon

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Training New Hires

No matter what official training techniques you use, new hires will still need to be shown the ropes and introduced not only to the tasks of their job but the little quirks about their new employers. Whether there’s a sticky door in the break room, a special password procedure on the CRM, or a code phrase that means ‘the boss is cranky today’, boilerplate training goes out the window in the face of the existing corporate culture. Inventory assistants will need to know how the organizational methods of your warehouse manager, while IT support representatives need to know the standard operating procedures of your help-desk team in handling difficult problems so as not to step on any toes. When existing employees make the training material, you can encourage them to include everything they want new hires to know so there won’t be any misunderstandings in the first two weeks.

Advice Freely Given

Don’t be shy about asking your employees to make training material! Most of them already plan to take new team members aside and help them understand the company culture and regular practices. They want new associates to fit in well and have smooth their introductory experiences because mistakes, even by newbies, hurt the whole team. By implementing peer learning, you are simply streamlining the advice-offering process into a single comprehensive training solution that can be edited and tailored to your corporate needs for use again and again.

Career Training

Of course, peer learning isn’t just for training new hires! There are hundred of opportunities to learn and train for new positions within a single company, and your employees can help. When preparing an employee for a promotion, managers in their future level can make training videos to help them understand their new responsibilities and suggest techniques to help them grow. A staff member about to change locations can review the training material made by employees in their new home to get a feel for the team they’ll be working with and any differences in procedure from one location to another. Even changes in management can be aided by allowing the employees to make training material for their new manager, informing them of how the team they’re about to be leading prefers to function and what they’re hoping for from the new leadership.

While there are many ways to create training material vidREACH’s got an innovative, mobile, and millennial-friendly solution. Using self-recorded training videos that can be shared through the coaching platform, your employees can quickly and easily put together a comprehensive training program on how to perform their work tasks and collaborate with their teams. With this method, managers can easily make and share new training materials, gather advice from their team, and even host live training and practice sessions over the network. When employees come together to train each other, you can cut out the middle-man of impersonal external training tools and programs, ensuring that each and every new hire understands the unique company culture they are joining and how to work well with their new associates. For more information about vidREACH’s peer learning system or to request a demo, contact us today![/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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