Develop a Successful Sales Team with an Online Coaching Platform

By Sean Gordon

In the sales world, time is money.

The time you spend training and developing your sales team is time you can’t spend following up on leads or closing deals. This is where the speed, agility and power of vidREACH‘s online coaching platform can be a game-changer for your sales team. Online video training and coaching can slash the time spent attending meetings and reading through sales material and can bring your team together to create exciting, inspirational content.

Here are 3 ways you can put our online coaching and team-building platform to work for you to develop a stellar sales team.

1. Train your team faster.

The hours and hours you used to spend training new and existing sales team members can now be distilled into just minutes with online video training. Team members can access videos anywhere, anytime, all on their own schedule.

With training mobility comes training freedom. No more tying new sales team members to their desks or having them come into the office to shadow senior members.

With online video coaching, you’ll free up time for everyone on the team. The platform also allows new sales team members to train at their own pace. As a sales associate finishes one training module, he or she can quickly move on to the next one or go back and revisit a previous module for review. They control their own progress, and the sky’s the limit. Finally, creating online training content is a breeze. Anyone on the team can create content in any format in minutes. The time your team saves on creating training content will translate into more time spent selling and marketing.

2. Develop key sales strategies and build a cohesive team.

When it comes to building a unified sales strategy, it can be tough to get everyone in the same room, let alone on the same page. But with our online video coaching platform, team members can easily start discussions, post videos and share ideas. Before you know it, you’ll have everyone working together to come up with a cohesive sales pitch and following a central sales strategy. Video collaboration is also an exciting way to engage Millennials, new hires and top performers.

Instead of having a disjointed sales group where people work as individuals, you can engage everyone to work together as a team. Senior members can create videos sharing their expertise. Top performers can create their own videos with exciting and inspiring content. Over time, you’ll build a comprehensive knowledge base as your content library grows. When each team member has a chance to contribute to your team’s online learning, then the entire team will feel like they are working as one.

3. Set goals and improve performance.

Our unique online learning platform has components that allow for setting goals, tracking progress and giving feedback. Setting goals gives trainees and team members something tangible to reach for in their work. Managers can monitor their performance online in real time and give valuable, customized feedback as needed. Instead of working in a vacuum, sales team members can actually work, train and brainstorm together.

Tracking sales targets and celebrating accomplishments becomes even easier with our online platform, and as with the entire platform, any team member can take part and contribute content. This is a great way to recognize top performers while encouraging weaker team members to improve. Best of all, the entire team will be involved in the sales process from one central location.

A good sales team is just one step away from being a great sales team. Contact us and we’ll show you how online video coaching and training can bring your sales team together.

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