Streamline Your Training Process With An Online Coaching Platform

By Sean Gordon

Companies are always trying to find ways to improve their human capital with new skills and information. Whether they want them to be knowledgeable about compliance procedures, new products, new initiatives or new technologies, employees must constantly be learning. Unfortunately, the existing training process at many companies is rather cumbersome. It is expensive, slow and difficult to implement. The good news is that new training platforms are allowing companies to actually streamline this process with an online coaching platform and implement it much more effectively.

Content Delivery

The old way of training involved classroom lectures. Teams had to schedule a single block of time to all go to a conference room or a hotel venue to hear a lecture from a dedicated trainer or manager with expertise on the subject. The was extremely cumbersome because some people are inevitably out of the office and need to make alternate arrangements. Additionally, staff may have to move around client meetings or delay critical products to all listen at the same time.

In comparison, new online platforms can deliver the content in an entirely new way. They can be a combination of audio, video, and text developed by sophisticated learning experts. These courses are saved and stored online so that employees can learn at the place and time of their choosing (asymmetric time). That maximizes the use of every employee’s time so that they can learn when it is best for them.


The old way of training involved providing large binders filled with papers that staff had to carry around and learn. These were expensive, heavy and difficult to store. In addition, if the staff was off-site and needed access to the information, they would have to call their co-worker to go to their desk and open up the binder. If the co-worker was unavailable, then there would be no resolution. If the employee wanted to use the information to study, they must remember to take the binder and all the materials home with them.

In contrast, today all of the materials can be safely stored online in the cloud. When an employee wants access to the info, they can easily find it with a search function and download it to their phone or computer. There are no barriers to get any critical piece of information at any time. Furthermore, these materials can be used to study for tests or reviews on the go and they are always with the employee.


Traditional training courses were taught by the local expert that was available during the day and time of the class. This led to inferior teachers with poor teaching styles giving information that may not be cutting edge.

Now, companies can get world-class experts that write and conduct the training at the time of their choosing. They then upload the content to the platform and let companies access it at their leisure.


In the old days, tracking was done by hand. Employees had to raise their hand or sign-in on attendance sheets that were quickly filed away in large bins. Similarly, any tests or reviews were placed in large files drawers that were difficult to retrieve and verify.

Today, tracking is done automatically online. Managers can simply send an email asking their employees to complete the training with the appropriate link. As each employee finishes their course, the software updates their status and notifies the manager. Test scores are saved and easily found for auditors or senior management.

vidREACH is a leading provider of digital training and coaching platforms. The tool dramatically streamlines the training process. It allows companies to save time and money, while still getting the highest quality training. For more information, please contact us.

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