How Can Today’s Companies Compete Without Using a Mobile Training Platform?

By Sean Gordon

When we think about the value of mobile training platforms to organizations, we imagine numerous ways that managers use these solutions. vidREACH is a mobile platform that makes managers’ lives easier when it comes to training. This platform is a tool for use during “anywhere working” and managers use it to create online training programs and to help struggling employees improve so they can keep their jobs.

An Example

Consider the example of an employee who has been on board for six months. She’s terrible at helping customers who have just gotten a notice that your company is their new debt collection agency. You decide to assist her through mobile video chats. On vidREACH, it’s easy to reach this worker even if you’re away at a recruitment fair. You and your employee just need a mobile device and the ability to download our platform. There’s no need to sit at a computer. What’s more, we like how our platform encourages this type of manager-employee relationship to grow. When you chat with her, give her specific pointers. The first video chat might be a role-play activity in which you’re the customer who gets upset about the notice. The second video chat might be a discussion of how she handled another caller the next day after thinking about your role-play activity.

Give Instant Feedback

When you become aware of an employee doing something in need of correction, choose when to bring it up. If a person needs immediate feedback, use mobile video chat to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the situation. Your employee can log into the platform whenever you become available. Regardless of who initiates a coaching session, it’s easy to conduct the conversation quickly and then return to other managerial tasks.

Why Mobile

If you’re new to mobile coaching and training, we understand that your biggest fear is losing the quality of interactions with employees, especially when giving feedback. In reality, employees use their smartphone for more tasks each day (whether they are at work or they are trying to get their kids a ride to soccer because they must work late). When you set an appointment with an employee to chat on mobile and provide coaching, she can choose a quiet setting. She can trust you to find a private space for the conversation so that her confidentiality will remain intact.

Reflecting on the Future

This is just one scenario of how mobile training solutions help managers develop employees as individuals. Without the convenience of a mobile platform, it’s more likely that you and your employee will be limited to a tool like Skype for the desktop or that you must hold a face-to-face meeting. When you supervise employees over long distances, you don’t have the luxury of chatting in a conference room.

Get Excited About Helping Employees

A mobile training platform changes how busy managers communicate, enabling them to assist more people. Talk to one employee in the car before traveling to a sales meeting. Talk to another employee on a ten-minute break. Talk to two employees having a disagreement right after your lunch break. After the sales meeting, counsel an employee who’s desperate for advice before his next client appointment. When you return to the office, create a video presentation for tomorrow’s training session. After the kids are in bed, log onto our platform and make the final edits to your presentation. Through mobile learning solutions, employees access information at their convenience. You can also reach them directly via video chat at any time of day or night.

We have more ideas on using training to lead your team. In the near future, most companies will use a mobile training platform. For details, please contact us today.

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