What Can A Learning Management System Do For You?

By Sean Gordon

In order to keep your business running smoothly, it’s important to make sure that your employees stay up-to-date with the latest training for their roles. To do this, you need the most efficient learning management system possible.


When employees know their jobs inside and out, your business simply runs better. They can get things done faster, they’ll get it done right the first time, and they can handle emergencies with ease. They’re also more confident about their jobs, which can increase job loyalty, team morale, and employee happiness.

This Is Where A Learning Management System Comes In

Let’s face it, employee training has always been a tedious and ungainly process. The materials were often printed and bulky, the training videos awkward, and carving out training time was also difficult. Did you train a whole group at once, or just let each person study the material on their own?

Unless you had dedicated trainers, you were likely just sending the person off on their own with the materials and letting them study on their own. Often, you had no way of knowing if they were actually learning, or just goofing off. You also had no way of gauging their grasp of the material, or anything they might not have understood or been confused on.

Even when technology came into play, companies were often on their own when it came to implementing an online or digital training environment. Creating the training programs took a lot of time, money, and trial and error to get them working properly. Then you had the fun chore of manually inputting all of your training material into the system.

People in the education field were having similar problems, so they created the concept of the learning management system to help them manage things better. It started out as computer-based learning modules, and gradually grew into the LMS we know today.

A good LMS will allow you to create and manage your training materials, track your employee’s learning progress, keep up with compliance training requirements, and perform employee appraisals, depending on your needs. You can track individual performances, see who has any skill gaps and might need additional training, and create plans for future skill building and advancement.

Another great thing about the LMS is that it’s web-based, which means your employees don’t always have to be in the workplace to learn. This is great if they’re picking up extra skills, training for a sudden advancement, or your workplace doesn’t have the extra space for someone to be there simply in training mode.

What vidREACH Train Can Offer You

We’ve developed a powerful learning management system that’s built for today’s tech and changing needs.

Our easy to use training module interface allows you to create highly customized training courses in a snap. Not only can you create different tracks for different needs such as new hires or managers, you can also tailor courses to meet an individual’s learning needs! Since everyone learns differently, this is a great resource that will help you ensure your employees know what they’re doing.

Our platform is built to work beautifully with mobile devices, which allows your employees — and you — to access the system, learn, and manage on the go. You don’t have to worry about employees racking up too many training hours outside of normal work, either. Our system offers the option to limit accesses to the system if you feel the need to.

We also offer you the ability to see just how much of an impact training is having on your business. Our platform allows you to correlate any KPI of your choosing with your training programs. You can then see where you’re excelling, where you need work, and what training will help boost your weakest areas the best.

This is just a taste of what our platform can do for you. Request a free demo today — what do you have to lose?

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