How Using a Learning Management System Can Improve Your Team Dynamics

By Sean Gordon

The current market changes faster than we can train employees to adapt and to respond. That’s why we encourage you to think of team dynamics as fluid. They must evolve to meet the needs of your organization and your consumer base. You’re the manager. You might have been in your position for a short time, or you might have built the current team over several years. Either way, you’re looking for ways to increase team productivity. We’re glad that you found HireNami and that you recognize the value of a learning management system (LMS). Here, we explain how using a new LMS built for the current digital and mobile environments will benefit your team’s dynamics:

The Background

What we love about being a new start-up that’s rapidly growing in the HR sector is how new research on the management and organization of people influences our work. Recently, we read on the Harvard Business Review blog about “The New Science of Team Chemistry.” Suzanne M. Johnson Vickberg and Kim Christfort describe 4 types of work styles found in the current workplace:

1. “Pioneers value possibilities, and they spark energy and imagination on their teams…

2. Guardians value stability, and they bring order and rigor…

3. Drivers value challenge and generate momentum…

4. Integrators value connection and draw teams together.”.

In this example, we see how a work team consists of workers who want to make the system work better and to complete projects on time and people who value teamwork and relationships. Some people want the team to try new things, while other people resist change. You can’t plan for every conflict that your team might have, but you need every kind of work style on the team. Each person brings different strengths to the team and pushes others to be better because of his or her personal source of motivation.

How a Learning Management System Helps

Your biggest reasons for using a new LMS like ours on a mobile platform are twofold:

1. You want to share information with all team members in an efficient manner.

2. You want to provide individualized feedback and coaching on demand.

Our solution enables managers to create one learning system where they can post all training topics. Whether your employees access the platform on a laptop, a desktop, or a mobile device, they won’t have an excuse for ignoring new training content. You will see when they last logged in and what actions they took in response to the learning materials. You can also respond to discussions and questions when it’s convenient for you.

Respond to Different Styles and Build Your Team’s Momentum

You will have team members who resist change because they like the way things are and team members who are excited to learn new information. Individuals process new information differently and then begin applying it at their own pace. You can make training tasks mandatory to complete, but you won’t always know how well your team has mastered the material. For example, a quiz that you post at the end of an Learning Management System training course is one quick measure of how someone memorized a few key concepts. It’s not an indicator of how a learner will apply these concepts to new workplace situations.

Get the Team Working Together With a New LMS

Help your team collaborate by giving them both new information and reminders based on their current level of productivity. Look into their work styles using the system described above or using another classification system. Ensure that there’s a mix of work styles, especially when you recruit new team members.

We want you to enjoy better team dynamics, but you require a solution that shares information with employees wherever they are. Mobile is the future of training. For details, please contact us today.

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