Is Video Screening Really Worth the Investment?

By Sean Gordon

Hiring new employees can be a process; one that takes time and ultimately costs money for your company. Some days, it can feel like the perfect candidate simply doesn’t exist. What if there was a more effective and efficient way to hire?

By 2019, video will account for about 78% of the world’s mobile data traffic (vidREACH). What if we redefined what efficient hiring looked like for recruiters? Ditch the downtime in looking for the perfect candidate and start experiencing results faster. Video screening is shifting the norm of recruiting and is inviting in personalization to a highly automated and lengthy process. The major benefit of video screening is that it encourages candidates to display their personality and communication skills in a tangible way that may not be accurately displayed through a document-based application.

What problem does video screening alleviate?

As a hiring manager or recruiter, effective innovation in the daily process of your hiring journey can change the game for the candidates that you are able to recruit. Video screening increases productivity decreases the time to hire and drastically saves on cost per hire. If each of these are pain points in your role, implementing a platform that allows for efficient video screening will change the way that you hire.

As a candidate, one of the benefits of video screening is that it allows for personalized interaction during the application process. Candidates feel frustrated when they feel that they are solely defined by a paper application, but with video screening, it allows for personality and unique factors to be added into the application that wouldn’t be displayed otherwise.

Benefits of using video screening:

Reduce time for recruiters

  • Recruiters can get overwhelmed. Between phone screens and determining which applicants will become candidates, it can be a fast-paced job. Often candidates feel like they have been overlooked or forgotten during the process. Video screening reduces the time that recruiters spend evaluating each candidate but adds in the element of personalization at the beginning of the process.

Videos can be replayed and rated

  • Recruiters must listen to and engage with a candidate on the phone, while also noting critical information to relay to other members of the team. If the information is not transferred correctly or in full, it could affect both the candidate and the hiring team.
  • One-way video interviews can be watched once, twice, or as many times as the recruiter or their team needs. This allows the recruiter to rate a candidate quickly and with ease.

Reduces scheduling hassle

  • People are busy. Traditional phone screens require both the interviewee and interviewer to find time in their schedule to meet. Video screening allows companies to queue questions into an arsenal. This allows companies to send out interview questions to candidates that can be responded to via video. This reduces scheduling issues while still allowing personalization for the interview interaction. Win-Win!

Ensures consistent interviewing

  • Consistency is important, but we all know that some days are less consistent than others. This can make it difficult to create consistency in the process. One-way video screening allows the candidate to feel that they have a fair chance at interviewing without feeling like the interviewer doesn’t have time for them.

Allows for personalized expression, while making it easier to determine personality and cultural fit.

  • Unfortunately, a piece of paper doesn’t always accurately express someone’s personality. With the traditional way of hiring, recruiters spend countless hours sifting through prospects on screening calls to try and establish if the candidate would be a good fit for the position. Video screening takes this a step further and allows the candidate to display their unique personality while also allowing recruiters to more efficiently and effectively determine the best fit.

The benefits of video screening provide tangible solutions for both recruiters and candidates. Candidates do not have to worry that they aren’t being fully seen and heard through the traditional hiring process, and recruiters can rest assured knowing that video screening reduces the time spent on finding top talent through the screening process.

Are you ready to take the next step in implementing video into your hiring journey? Visit vidREACH to learn more.


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