Why Is Team Building Important?

By Sean Gordon

Team building is any action or method that brings a group of individuals together and motivates them to work cooperatively as a team. When you hear the word “team building,” perhaps you initially think of activities that are held outside of the workplace. However, there are many options that achieve the same goals at a low cost.

Other team-building exercises include coaching, shared learning, group discussion sessions, goal setting and simply celebrating one another’s successes. Encouraging and promoting an environment of open communication across all management levels contributes to team-building efforts by increasing trust levels and maintaining a healthy culture.

The success of a company lies in the collective best efforts of a team. To create a strong culture of teamwork in any type of organization, you need to establish a foundation of trust and collaboration. Team building is an essential component of all organizations for employees to learn, communicate and work together effectively.

Benefits of Team Building within the Business Sector

Ultimately, executing successful team-building efforts directly impacts the bottom line of your business. Your team will be more motivated, engaged and productive when positive professional relations are activated.

Here are a few concrete benefits of team building:

  1. Enables better communication
  2. Diminishes misunderstandings and judgments
  3. Identifies and develops strengths of others
  4. Urges self-awareness of one’s own strengths and weaknesses
  5. Cultivates problem-solving skills
  6. Boosts morale and job appreciation
  7. Incites creativity and innovation
  8. Breaks the barrier

How Can vidREACH Enhance Your Team Building Efforts?

Rather than focusing solely on appeasing the client, companies need to dedicate time to the most valued assets – people.  

With vidREACH, team-building and coaching efforts are easily maximized. The shared learning feature of the platform facilitates video creation and sharing as a modern tactic of connecting and encouraging team members no matter their location. The platform offers group discussion forums in which teammates can offer invaluable, constructive feedback. High-performers are given the opportunity to coach their teammates and gain leadership skillsets. Low-performers are aligned with team goals and gain the confidence needed to improve their own performance.

Whether you’re a department head, sales professional or new hire trainer, vidREACH can help you drive your business forward. As teams are becoming more widespread, vidREACH’s digital platform empowers leaders and teammates to cultivate direct connections with one another – without being physically present or dealing with the hassle of coordinating schedules.

If you’re looking to make your overall team atmosphere be more cohesive, contact us today and see how we can help you.  

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