How to Curate Content for Employee Training

By Sean Gordon

Now that you know the benefits of curating content, maybe you’re wondering how to curate content that makes a tangible difference for your employees.

Here are six quick ways to get started:

1. Know where to look

Check the validity of the content you’re sharing. Is the information accurate? Is it from a reputable source? What are your go-to content aggregators for your industry? Be sure to always give credit whenever passing along someone else’s content.

2. Make thematic categories, and stick to them

This will help your readers know what to expect and more easily sort and absorb the content. Bonus points if you keep all content in one platform and take the time to properly archive all content with the appropriate tags and categories for easy access in the future.

3. Put it into the appropriate context

Take the time to explain why it is that a certain piece of content is important for your team. If you help them see the value in the words and how it relates to their everyday tasks, skill development and ultimate career growth, they’ll be much more motivated to check it out. Do this by adding your own accompanying thoughts, input, interpretations and analyses whenever possible. Even better if you can integrate the content curation into any ongoing online training or coaching courses.

4. Decide on a frequency

As mentioned above, for consistency, pick a scheduled frequency that your team can rely on, and stick to it. Once a week is ideal, but if this isn’t possible, consider bi-weekly or monthly.

5. Keep it short

Don’t overwhelm your readers with a massive load of content each week. The goal isn’t to find and share anything and everything related to a topic, but only the ones with utmost relevance, quality and applicability. Found a great article, but it’s not quite in context with the current training materials? Save it to send later.

6. Know how to send it

The key is to make the content appear as intriguing as possible. What platform are you using to share it? Look for a software with pre-templated and automated options that allow quick, easy, user-friendly and enticing content displays.

Now that you know why it works and how to curate content, it’s time to do it. vidREACH’s online coaching platform can help you make the most of your curation efforts. Let us know your triumphs and challenges of content curation in the comments below.

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