6 Questions to Help You Create an Effective Online Training Program

By Sean Gordon

Can you think back to a job in which you felt completely untrained and unprepared for the tasks required of you? How did that go?

Training your new employees properly may be one of the most important investments your company makes, no matter the size and budget. Effective training results in high-performing, more motivated employees and higher retention rates — saving you precious time and resources. The best way to ensure high-quality training is with training software.

Ask these 6 questions when making an effective online training program for your employees:

1 – How user-friendly is the software?

The best training programs are created from online software that’s easy to understand and complete with features that will enhance your employee training experience. The easiest way to create an effective training course is to upload all of the training materials your company already has, saving you time and effort. Interface also matters. If your trainees are already learning a complicated topic, the last thing they need is a complicated interface from which to learn.

2 – Are the features I need available?

If your workforce is full of millennials, you need to ensure you’re speaking their language by offering innovative technological features that will keep their attention. Interactive exercises, videos, and other multimedia supplements are vital to making sure your younger employees stay engaged and enjoy the learning process.

3 – Are trainees able to communicate?

The most effective courses allow trainees to collaborate and share knowledge. vidREACH’s training software easily integrates with apps like Yammer, allowing peer-learning. Members can create “communities” to initiate further discussion and share additional resources.

4 – Can the course be accessed outside of work?

Having access to training only from your office desktop is severely limiting. When you give employees the option to learn something from their phones, you’re giving them the flexibility to learn at the time and place most convenient for them, eliminating location or scheduling woes and resulting in higher completion rates. vidREACH’s training software is fully mobile-accessible from the app.

5 – Can the trainees be tested on their new skills?

You need to be able to determine comprehension through adequate testing. vidREACH Train allows you to create custom exams in multiple formats depending on the subject and audience.

6 – Is there a way to determine the training’s impact?

Even if trainees finished the course and passed the tests, the true test of retention and effectiveness is how the training translated into a measurable impact for your company. vidREACH’s online training software allows you to correlate specific KPIs with training metrics to determine the relationship between training and performance.

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective training solution for your employees, vidREACH Train may be the online training course software for you. Learn more about how to join the 4.5 million other employees already benefitting from vidREACH’s world-class software, and try out our free demo today.

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