How Coaching Software Affects Team Building

By Sean Gordon

A strong culture of teamwork is crucial for driving innovation and collaboration within any organization. The success of a team, and ultimately the bottom line of an organization, depends on the attitudes and combined efforts of its team members. When team members are motivated and engaged, they are more productive and apt to contribute to a shared learning environment.  

The right coaching software empowers managers and staff on the road to success, regardless of whether their objective is to increase bottom-line results or achieve a greater level of collaboration, job satisfaction and accountability. A streamlined coaching platform can enable employees to feel inspired and supported, which directly impacts morale and reduces turnover. Ongoing coaching and training are paramount for enriching the strengths and diversity of an organization.

With vidREACH Inspire, our team building and coaching platform, leaders are given greater flexibility in guiding new employees, sales team members, low performers and even top performers towards greater success. Supporting shared learning features, such as video creation and ease of distribution, is a key factor of the platform. Video coaching is more conducive to the way millennials learn. As more millennials enter the workforce, it is imperative to transition coaching and training initiatives to engage this new generation and build validity within the team.

 No matter their location, leaders can directly connect with their team via the online coaching platform, which is accessible from a laptop, smartphone or tablet. No matter a team’s location,  vidREACH Inspire is a viable option to fuel connection and development with individual employees and the team as a whole.

 vidREACH’s coaching platform equips both managers and employees with the right tools to:

  • Obtain greater awareness of their teams and other team roles
  • Improve the relationship among teams and individuals
  • Increase communication and team dynamics
  • Propel understanding of their own, as well as the team’s combined strengths and weaknesses
  • Expand knowledge about specific division of responsibilities or any work processes that must be prioritized

vidREACH Inspire will significantly increase your time to obtain quantifiable results, as your employees will be more connected and aware of their responsibilities within the team.

Dedicating time and effort to effective coaching generates proportionally higher benefits. Your employees will be more resourceful and proficient, as they will feel more connected to their managers. Your leaders will be given opportunities to broadcast their knowledge and skills and be advocates for company goals. In turn, your organization will experience bottom line growth due to an aligned and supported internal culture. vidREACH’s training and coaching software can help you get there.

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