How Can Drip Learning Reform Your Training Model?

By Sean Gordon

There’s a ton of talk these days about how to engage the younger generations, and “drip learning” has become a crucial tool. The beauty of drip learning means that you can easily schedule the information that you want your user to be able to access. In a lot of ways, this can help with training people who need to learn in different ways. Not only can you control the output of information at a leisurely pace, but you can also schedule information to come out when it’s most relevant to your team members. The last thing you need is an overwhelmed team, and there’s no need to rush information that won’t be relevant for another six months.

Here are 4 big benefits of implementing drip-feed learning in the workplace:


Provide digestible doses of information

The new generation of employees coming into the workforce has a shorter attention span due to the fast-paced nature of the world around us. Sometimes, an overwhelming amount of information can be too much to swallow, especially for those in training. A drip learning system gives management the ability to train their workforce in small, digestible bits of information that doesn’t overwhelm users or leave anyone behind. To make this go even further, it’s wise to implement a little bit of learning every day.

Keep users engaged

Engagement is the biggest hurdle with younger generations, so a drip learning environment can increase engagement when your employees feel like they are making progress and improving themselves. This is where this kind of program can be particularly useful in the workplace. A controlled, centralized learning pace won’t overload or overwhelm the user with information, especially on the trickier topics you might have to cover.


How about creating a game with our learning software? By introducing a healthy bit of competition into drip learning solutions, you can increase motivation for your team members to succeed. Competition can also be good for the morale of your workers, or even their relationships with each other. The best part about making introduction gamification in these environments is that it transforms training that could be boring into something that is at the very least tolerable, but could even be fun!

Everyone learns at the same pace

If you’re wanting to make sure that your content is truly digestible, you can level the playing field by ensuring that everyone learns at the same pace. This is perfect if you have certain training elements that get confusing as you add more lessons, or if you need your entire team to be on the same page. Additionally, this is helpful for when you have information that would be more relevant at a later date. Scheduling the output of information can increase productivity and reduce overall stress. There’s no need to fret about certain information today if it isn’t relevant until next week.

Need more tips on how to implement a drip learning strategy in your workplace? vidREACH is here to help.

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