Looking for Hires Who Reflect Your Organizational Culture

By Sean Gordon

We saw a headline recently which made us think: “See the Future: Business Insights for 2017 from MIT Sloan Executive Education Faculty.”Emilio J. Castilla wrote: “A more data-driven strategic approach to human resource decisions can result in better hires, improved evaluation and rewarding processes, more productive teams, significantly increased profits and even the correction of systemic workplace biases.” We thought about this and realized that, as a startup, we can be instrumental in helping client companies get better results from their human capital. We can use our technology to assist companies in being more strategic about hiring, but we must concentrate on explaining how the process works.

Where We Fit In

We fit into your company’s human capital strategy by using an automated recruiting application, which essentially can collect data on potential recruits and then match them with your open jobs. It sounds straightforward enough, and we realize that earlier versions of this type of software have been around for years. Where we fit in is that we can understand what companies are looking for in terms of new talent so that they can reinvent their business model to meet the demands of the consumer-driven digital economy. This means that a company also employs workers who are able to plan for change, participate in change processes, and adapt to changes that occur. One of the things that occur in many organizations is that the people change with such a frequency that the organization has trouble maintaining its culture. For example, a sales team may get a new manager more than once in a calendar year, but its team members are still expected to reach their sales goals. They don’t get as much support from their manager as they would if one stayed at least a few years.

Where Change Occurs

If you understand the current talent landscape, you’ll also understand that we help to solve shortages in talent. Imagine that a company has created a new process for fulfilling orders. Implementing the new process will affect hundreds of workers. There are at least fifty openings in affected business operations, and, before the company can add these individuals, a few more people will leave their positions. Meanwhile, existing personnel will receive training on the new process and will feel minimally prepared when the first implementation begins. The HR function in the organization, or its outsourced partner, will attempt to add knowledge workers to vacant positions and get them trained as soon as possible, which might take a few months. The company will keep operating with a knowledge gap, not only with its inexperienced workers but with people who get added and feel behind the eight ball in terms of learning the new process.

Get Ready for Change

We’re all about helping your organization solve talent acquisition problems, which relieves some pressures from existing personnel. We help companies find workers who can plan for change, participate in change processes, and adapt to changes that have not yet occurred. So many changes occur in the consumer-driven organization that your people can’t adapt fast enough, and a side effect is that it’s difficult for managers to maintain a strong culture. We find recruits who fit your current culture and who are flexible enough to work with new hires coming along in the next few months and years. These workers will help to build a line of succession and to assist new hires in their future training programs.

We have more ideas on effective hiring practices. We’re excited to share our recruiting technology with companies and allow them to focus on their core competencies, which may not include HR acquisition. For details, please contact us today.

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