Are You Ready to Hire Generation Z?

By Sean Gordon

Generation Z often gets a bad rap. As the generation that’s literally grown up on technology, it’s easy to point and talk about how “unappreciative” and “privileged” Generation Z might be, but it’s often a misunderstanding of their circumstances. As the generation born at the beginning of the internet era, they have greater opportunity to redefine the workspace in the very near future.

The reality is, one day our offices will be overrun by Gen Z’ers – reality that we will face in only a couple of years. That’s nothing to be afraid of. In fact, the opportunities that Gen Z will bring into your office will have great potential for your business.

But first, we need to court them in. Here are 4 ways to making the hiring process more appealing to the upcoming applicants in the Generation Z:

Emphasize Social Media

These days, every business needs an element of social media to operate. One of the biggest draws for Gen Z will be how you use your social media branch. This doesn’t mean that you’ll have to embrace the irreverent Twitter antics of brands like Wendy’s, Steak-Umms or MoonPie, but you will want to establish an effective social media plan that will expand your brand’s awareness and reach. In fact, be open to how you can better use social media for your company. More than likely, a Gen Z will have a better idea of how to use it for you.

Embrace Flexibility 

In just a matter of years, the way we run our businesses will change drastically. That’s the way it’s always worked, but with Gen Z we can expect a ton of new changes. So now, if you haven’t yet, is the time to embrace flexibility. Generation Z is all about making an impact on the world around them. So if we give them room to make a difference, we might just find a new way of doing business that works better.

Adaptability to change is a much more attractive quality in a business than sticking with what has always worked. Sure, it has worked. But there’s no reason to believe that another approach will not accomplish what you need. There’s always a better way to do things, and if we allow a fresh set of eyes to assess and adapt a strategy that might work better, everyone wins.

Implement Mixed Media and Visually-Stimulating Messages

Generation Z is a much more visually oriented generation than others, to the point of over-saturation. So the more visually interesting material that you can use for recruiting materials, the more appealing your company will be to prospective Gen Z applicants.

You can do this a number of ways: a multi-media press kit embedded on your company website, social media recruitment campaigns or even a tantalizing line about the work culture. Whichever you choose, make sure that you stick out. Consider your recruiting materials as your own kind of resume, much like your potential applicants. Put the best foot forward for your company, and you will benefit from staying ahead of the curve.

Be Authentic

Authenticity will make or break you. A Generation Z employee has a greater likelihood of integrating their life with their work and becoming fully engaged with your company. You can thank social media for this! By providing an authentic and dynamic work experience, you can almost guarantee a Gen Z employee will want to continue to engage with your business. One great measure of authenticity is your company culture. If you employ interesting, talented and dynamic people, that will attract other interesting, talented and dynamic people. On the other hand, a lack of authenticity will drive away prospective Gen Z applicants. They can smell that a mile away, and rightfully avoid any association with your branding. Providing an authentic, dynamic work experience is key to attracting new Gen Z hires.

You might think, “Oh, well I’ve got a couple of years. There’s no reason to worry about Gen Z applicants now.” Wrong. Sure, you’ve got some time. But use the next couple of years to plan and strategize for your future recruitment needs. It’s better to stay ahead of the curve, then to play catch up. After all, the children are the future. And they’re about to come work for you.

Need a few ideas for how to effectively hire Generation Z? We’ve got you covered.

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