The Hidden Benefits of Video Screening

By Sean Gordon

Today’s job market is as competitive as it’s ever been. It’s not just job applicants that face a daunting task in finding the right fit but also hiring managers since they are the ones inundated with resumes and cover letters. The hard truth for most businesses is that despite how cutting edge their services may be, their hiring practices are woefully outdated and in desperate need of revamping.

How Video Screening Works?

When an applicant submits a resume, it’s not a complete representation of a person. There are things that can’t be captured on paper such as nuances to how they answer basic questions or insights into their professional demeanor. Hiring managers don’t really get a sense for this until they meet a candidate in person. Often times very quickly into an interview, hiring managers can weed out a poor fit for a positing within minutes but still end up investing lots of valuable time and energy getting that candidate in the same room with them.

This is where video screening comes in because instead of wasting resources and time into scheduling job applicants to come it, new video software has been created to allow job candidates to answer general questions through video messages. Hiring managers can create their own screening questions and view the results themselves from their computer. As long as a job candidate has access to a camera phone, which many of them do, they will be able to record their answers from their own homes. This isn’t just a convenience from both hiring managers and job seekers, it’s an overall much more efficient use of their time.

Why Video Screening Helps Businesses?

Video screening finally eliminates the hassle of coordinating schedules and dedicating significant blocks of time to screen job candidates. Given that the average hiring manager processes roughly 22 people for just one position, this time being given back to hiring managers is a game changer. On average when a job position is posted online, there could be close to 250 resumes to sift through in order to narrow down the best candidates, using video screening software helps streamline the process.

Video screening also helps make the job interview process a much more transparent one. A person’s resume may not tell their entire story, but being able to view their answers to questions allows hiring managers the ability to delve deeper into determining which candidates they want to seriously consider for a position. A job candidate’s answers to specific questions can also be compared and contrasted with others much easier than reflecting on what someone might have said during an interview from many weeks ago.

Why Video Screening Helps Job Candidates?

It’s not just businesses that benefit from video screening software because often times job candidates appreciate it too. Using a resume as the standard arbiter of who gets selected for a job interview is a flawed an archaic concept. There is far more to a person than what their resume indicates but there isn’t much of an opportunity to convey this to a company until they are selected for an interview. Unfortunately many not get that chance and it’s not just the candidate that suffers, it’s the company who missed their chance to meet with them.

When people are looking for a different job, they also may not have the time available to take afternoons off to interview, especially when they already have a job. Job candidates may not be used to video screening software, but once they learn how it’s something that actually helps them, they will probably prefer it.

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