The Effectiveness of Video Screening Instead of Regular Interviews

By Sean Gordon

Interviews are a vital part of the hiring process. It’s the best way to get to know a potential candidate, meet with them in a professional environment, and learn more about them. Unfortunately, the interview process is often slow, time-consuming, and frustrating for everyone involved. Video interviews, on the other hand, can have significant benefits for both interviewers and potential employees. Wondering just why video screening is more effective than regular interviews? Take a look at these key benefits.

1. They’re less expensive.

When you choose video interviews, you have two cost advantages. First, you aren’t flying candidates to the interview on the company’s dime, which means that you can interview more candidates without increasing the cost to the company. Second, you cut down on the potential time you’re costing candidates who might have to travel a long distance, take time off from work, or make other sacrifices in order to make it to an interview.

2. They get candidates in your open positions faster.

When you have an open position with your company, you don’t always have the luxury of spending weeks or even months looking for the candidate who is the perfect fit for your company. Sometimes, you need a candidate in fast–and video interviews are the perfect solution. In many cases, you can have videos in your hands within a few days, allowing you to start narrowing your candidate pool immediately.

3. They widen your pool of candidates.

Geography matters when it comes to the cost of an interview. Potential candidates can come to your company from anywhere, genuinely interested in the position you’re offering. Unfortunately, travel expenses add up fast, and not every candidate has the luxury of taking a day–or three–off of their current job in order to fly out for a short interview. Video interviews allow you to reduce those problems, giving you the chance to reach out to candidates from anywhere.

4. Skip the no-shows and late appearances.

Any time you schedule an interview, you’re taking time out of your day that could be spenton other tasks. Unfortunately, all too many candidates simply fail to show up for interviews–and you’re left sitting there waiting on them, a hole in your schedule that could have been filled by other things. Video interviews prevent you from ending up with those holes: if the candidate doesn’t submit a video, you can easily move on to the next one without losing valuable time.

5. See more of what a candidate has to offer.

Thanks to the multimedia possibilities of video interviews, you can check out a candidate’s portfolio, examine their past work, and take a look at their skills right there in the interview.

6. Streamline the hiring process.

You liked a candidate and think they’re a great fit for your open position, but you aren’t the only one with a deciding vote. Instead of having to drag a candidate back in for another round of interviews, you can simply pass their video around the office, letting others see what they have to offer and inviting them to issue their opinions on the candidate. Video screening also means that each member of your team is able to view the video when it’s convenient for them, cutting down on the need to rearrange schedules in order to accommodate an interview.

If your company is still doing conventional interviews, you’re missing a fantastic opportunity to save both time and money. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of video screening or to set up a consultation to learn more about how we can help you streamline many of the hiring processes within your office.

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