Candidate Engagement Platform

Stand out in the fight for the best talent.

Engage passive candidates not currently in the job market.

In today’s competitive job market, the best talent is already employed. With vidREACH, you can engage with and attract top talent through personalized communication.

Highlight your company culture with the personal touch of video.

Showcase your brand values and show candidates why your company is the top choice by sending personalized videos to prospective candidates.

The fight for talent is on.

Finding, attracting, and keeping high-quality candidates is tough in the current hiring climate. When incorporated into your current hiring process, vidREACH helps you streamline your efforts from start to finish. From creating video campaigns and outreach cadences to video screening and candidate assessments, vidREACH allows you to personalize communication and target the right candidates for the job – all on one platform.

hiring managers

Did you know…

Personalized and customized automation saves time and increases your response rate over 5x.

Engage candidates early in the process anywhere, anytime, on any device. You can review candidates via video screen in a fraction of the time and save hours per candidate while boosting branding and your candidate experience.   

Employee Referrals

Did you know…

Employee-referred new hires are more likely to contribute to and last at a company than new hires who are found via traditional methods.

Engage your most powerful weapon in the fight for the best talent: your employees. Gather employee referrals by creating a video campaign that promotes your referral program or provides incentives.


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