Your Business Can Benefit From an Online Coaching Platform

By Sean Gordon

You want your company to thrive, and in order to accomplish that, you need all your employees to work their hardest and be their best. But what do you do if some team members are struggling, while others are bored and distracted? This is where workplace coaching becomes essential. Of course, not every employee needs coaching. If you’re lucky enough to have a team of individuals who constantly strive to improve themselves, work proactively, and take initiative, then you should pat yourself on the back and take a vacation. But if you’re like most company owners or managers, you have a mix of team members. And many of them will see great benefits from coaching. Here are three ways coaching can help your company succeed.

Help Struggling Employees

 If one of your employees or team members is not performing optimally, then coaching is the perfect way to help them identify and overcome their issues. Problems at work could be due to insufficient training on a product or a skill, or even a lack of clear direction for their career.

The first step is to speak with the employee to pinpoint the issue. You can even have the employee take an online assessment to establish a baseline for his or her current skills. Then come up with a game plan for addressing the issue. This could mean anything from weekly mentoring or coaching sessions to additional training or skill building. With vidREACH’s  platform, you can easily set up a customized coaching plan with milestones and goals to get your employees back on track. You can also provide feedback at various stages so that employees know they are moving in the right direction.

Identify Areas Where Employees Excel

If you have an analyst who always takes the lead on projects and lights a fire under other team members, have you considered putting him on a path to becoming a project manager? If you have a developer who has become a product expert and is everyone’s go-to person for difficult questions, have you considered moving her into a technical SME (subject matter expert) position? This is exactly where coaching can be a game changer for your top performing employees.

With a personalized plan that gives employees a way to move upward in their careers, the vidREACH platform is the perfect way to help star employees shine even brighter. These employees will be thrilled to work for a company where they are appreciated and are given a chance to advance. With some positive (and constructive) feedback, these same employees will be proud to be part of your team.

Coach Each Other

Coaching isn’t just about managers passing on their wisdom to their junior team members, or CEOs taking new executives under their wings. One of the best ways for employees to learn and excel is from peer-to-peer coaching. For example, new hires can watch coaching videos created by senior team members with periodic milestones and next steps. Subject matter experts can share their product expertise with other team members via online coaching videos as well. Sometimes, peer-to-peer coaching can accomplish a certain amount of knowledge transfer that managerial coaching cannot.

When employees hear lessons and advice from their peers, those lessons have more authenticity coming from someone who’s been in the trenches and actually done the work they’re describing. As employees gain experience and reap the benefits of coaching, they can also share what they’ve learned in their own coaching videos. Before you know it, you’ll have a library of internal coaching material that can be compiled into a coaching plan for any individual.

Coaching takes such a small effort and provides such a big return, it’s no wonder that companies are starting to pay attention to this technique for improving their workforce. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today. We can show you how vidREACH‘s online coaching platform can your bring your team’s performance to the next level.

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