Breaking Down the Top 7 Training Trends of 2017

By Sean Gordon

Assembling a highly competent workforce is a surefire way to gain an edge over your competitors in 2017. The most direct path to employee competency is a robust training platform. Training managers must continually strive to engage trainees and make the training process a pleasant experience that produces impressive results. By launching a training initiative that is customizable, mobile-friendly and interactive, you can optimize your training success. Below are the top seven training trends that will help your company succeed in 2017.

1) Enhanced compatibility with mobile devices. Failure to adopt a training platform that works well with tablets and smart phones can leave your company in the dust of your competitors. As companies recognize the value of mobile training, they are seeking training software solutions that are compatible with a wide range of your trainees’ favorite mobile devices. A mobile-friendly training program facilitates the following:

  • Trainees can engage in learning 24 hours a day if they wish
  • Learning can occur at virtually any location
  • Trainees can spend as much time as necessary to learn difficult concepts
  • Managers can easily identify trainees who are struggling with material

2) Multi-lingual training systems. Companies are expanding into emerging markets at a staggering rate. As a result of this trend, American companies are hiring more employees whose ability to understand complex terms in English is limited. With an increasingly diverse workforce, training managers are investing in training systems with interfaces that are easy to translate into Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, or other language of choosing.

3) Online sharing of training accomplishments. Successfully completing a comprehensive training program is a major achievement for most employees. The latest online training management systems make it easy for trainers to present trainees with official online training certificates that can be easily added to their social media profiles.

4) Superb support from online training providers. Yesterday’s training programs occurred in a vacuum in a concentrated fashion. Typically, a trainer would lecture a room full of trainees for a pre-defined amount of time. Trainees had few opportunities to ask questions or solicit feedback outside of the pre-defined training schedule. Today’s software training programs feature the ability to chat and interact with trainers. Additionally, training managers can take comfort in the availability of ongoing phone and electronic support from software providers.

5) Video coaching. Capturing the attention of trainees and keeping them engaged in the learning process are two of the most difficult elements of the training process. Both of these tasks can prove to be especially difficult with dry training material such as safety or compliance guidelines. Video coaching is on the rise because it solves both of these challenges simultaneously.

6) Customizable online training platforms. The outdated cookie cutter approach of yesterday’s online training programs has been replaced with eye-catching customizable platforms that permit users to illustrate their brand loyalty. Users can now easily personalize their training systems to feature their desired logo and choice of color schemes. Additionally, users can easily incorporate their own content into the program’s design.

7) Seeking the guidance of an industry expert. Companies are increasingly turning to online training experts for help designing their training programs and choosing the online training software that best meets their specific needs. Because not all online training software is created equal, training managers must carefully evaluate their options. Choosing a trustworthy, established firm with a responsive team of professionals is critical to the success of your training program.

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