The Benefits Of Online Coaching

By Sean Gordon

The culture of business greatly depends on the resources and tools the organization uses. Training and coaching a team is one of the top priorities for human resource departments. Businesses need to be able to construct a consistent culture where members share core values and understand how to reach their potential. Many organizations are turning to technology when it comes to coaching their teams. According to a recent report from IBISWorld, coaching is a billion dollar industry. The coaching industry grows because organizations see the benefits of investing in their employee’s future.

The popularity of traditional face-to-face coaching is transitioning to online coaching. The shift is occurring because online coaching makes more sense. Technology is constantly changing, and people are changing with it. Leveraging the resources of shared learning technology provides growth on both employee and company fronts. Online coaching is less intrusive and more easily accepted because people understand everything turns to technology. Harnessing the power of technology to offer coaching to your team benefits the future of your organization, and here is how.

Teams Embrace Technology Today

People are comfortable with technology. The new generation of millennials accept technology and prefer it to conventional tools such as being physically coached by a mentor. Online coaching fits into a busy day much easier than outsourcing a coach and bringing them in. When employees or managers discern a sense of ease with the technology and process, they, in turn, accept it.

vidREACH Inspire provides an online coaching platform fit for today’s learning management sector. The platform allows video coach drip learning, which is perfect for small or large businesses. By developing a video library filled with information for coaching it allows your team members to feel at ease and accept the coaching.

Quicker Results and Faster Action

When coaching is done online, through a mobile device or tablet, it is instantaneous. Team members can view the coaching videos on their time and when the time is best for the company. With the use of video and predictive analysis preview, it allows team members be more productive.

Online coaching enables leaders to provide constructive feedback and allows them to track the team members progress. With less effort and time than a traditional coach might take, online coaching provides results faster and encourages team members to take action right away.

Online Coaching Is Far More Flexible

Time is the most valuable asset. Online coaching offers companies their time back because the coaching videos are easily shared at the company or employee’s leisure. Whether the member is a top performer or low, a new employee or a well-versed sales team member, online coaching offers the ability for everyone coaching on the appropriate level.

Employees are far more likely to remain with a company who invests in them and feel unified with their team. Companies can execute this with online coaching without the need to hire a coach, set up schedules, or be present with their team. vidREACH Inspire is implemented to coach teams to be more customer-centric, orientation, support knowledge libraries, and even skill certification. The possibilities are endless and far more efficient than traditional coaching methods.

It’s clear that when employees feel valued and appreciated they stay with the company longer. Invest in your team, and they will not only be more productive for the company, but they will have a higher sense of pride for your brand. People embrace technology, and online coaching is no exception.

To learn more about how vidREACH Inspire’s shared learning platform can help your team contact us. Your team is waiting for their potential to be recognized and released.

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