The Benefits of Knowledge Sharing in Business

By Sean Gordon

If your organization has internal digital documents scattered about or has a knowledge-hoarding problem, this post is for you.

Rest assured you are not alone. Many companies struggle with knowledge sharing and management. Without an organized system in place, your bottom line suffers and employees are unable to access the information needed when needed. Knowledge sharing establishes learning processes and occurs when individuals are encouraged to contribute to the greater collective.

As Forbes suggests, anyone can be a ‘thinker’ and a ‘doer.’ A strong culture of knowledge sharing enables this to occur more fluidly.

Why Is Knowledge Sharing Valuable For Organizations?

Continuous knowledge sharing provides endless benefits for organizations. Here are 10 key advantages:

  1. Promotes rapid and improved decision-making and problem-solving
  2. Eases search of and access to relevant information and resources
  3. Helps individuals and teams grow, minimizing skill gaps
  4. Enhances motivation, sense of purpose and job satisfaction
  5. Generates creative and innovative ideas
  6. Preserves pre-existing knowledge, experiences and expertise
  7. Encourages social interaction and connection
  8. Fortifies team building / breaks down silos
  9. Strengthens the leadership pipeline
  10. Increases operational efficiencies and reduces redundant efforts

Benefits Of Integrating A Knowledge-Sharing System With Your Training Platform

The concept of having a traditional top-down hierarchical training approach is outdated. Our peers are a massive knowledge base (horizontally, vertically, and diagonally), and knowledge-sharing tools are critical for the continuity and success of your business. Having a platform that seamlessly integrates training with a knowledge-sharing platform is essential.

Some of the top benefits include:

  • Easy updates and consolidation of resources: Having an integrated system streamlines the update and organization process and cuts down on duplicates.
  • Enables access rights and tracking through activity reports: HR departments are able to grant access to appropriate employees with integrated systems. Through a report feature, completion rates and knowledge gaps can be identified. Employees then receive direct feedback and support.
  • Both formal and informal training occur within a single platform: Learning within the workplace can come from any level, and integrated systems enable a streamlined organization.
  • Rapid on-boarding and integration process for new hires: With access to the organizational structure, FAQ sections, role responsibilities, etc., new hires acclimate faster.

Finding A Knowledge Sharing Software That Is Right For Your Organization

Selecting the right knowledge sharing software is crucial. You need one that allows you to access content quickly and easily, connect with experts, ask questions, organize documents, upload and share videos and promote contributions across the entire company.

With vidREACH, you will be able to achieve just that. Our platform motivates employees to share knowledge in a natural manner and receive recognition from their peers – an often-undervalued motivational tool. Ready to get started streamlining your training and onboarding process and take your company to the next level? Contact us today.


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