5 Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

By Sean Gordon

We’re all looking for the best possible people to work for us. Everyone wants top talent on their team, but it can be hard to cut through the thick swathe of cool and hip companies to find the best people to join your team. Competition can be tough, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to bring in the best of the best for your company’s needs.

Here are 5 different ways to guarantee that you attract top talent to your team:

1. Upgrade your benefits and take your culture seriously.

How can you expect to fairly compensate top talent if your benefits package is sub-par? It’s not a good look to have a benefits program that hasn’t been updated in ages, and the proper benefits can make or break the job. For instance, offering generous paid parental leave will be huge to employees that are starting or growing families. If you want your team working hard, give them a workspace that will also allow them to chill out and relax. Vibe goes a long way in an office, and if you’re giving out the wrong vibe it can kill any chances to attract top talent to your company.

2. Use video to showcase company culture.

So you think you already have a great company culture? That’s awesome! But prove it. Organize a webinar to show what it’s really like to work at your company, with testimonials and maybe even a Q&A session with some of your employees. If you wanted to go a step further, hire a videographer to come in and capture some footage of what your company is like. Include an interview or two to add some real weight to what your company is all about.

3. Be clear about expectations.

A huge thing that talent is looking for is a company that’s completely honest right out of the gate. By outlining exactly what’s expected of your candidates at the interview, they won’t be surprised by anything down the line. Address the qualifications needed for the position, how their personality might fit into the company culture and how they can advance further in the company later. Laying all this out at the beginning will ensure that there’s no confusion about the position later.

4. Diversify your leadership.

In 2018, the culture around us is changing to be more inclusive and diverse every day. Why not have your leadership reflect that as well? By changing your leadership culture to be more diverse across age and race, you show that not only are you open to a diverse company culture, but you also recognize that great leadership comes from everywhere.

5. Offer work-from-home opportunities.

With the workplace continually changing, it’s important to be open to different working opportunities. For instance, you can change your “Casual Fridays” to  “Work from Home Fridays”, which is a huge incentive for young professionals in the workplace. There are few things better on this Earth than knowing that you don’t have to come into the office, or even put on a pair of pants, on Fridays. A weekly option like this may not work for every company, but it’s important to at least consider implementing some sort of telecommuting program for your team.

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