3 Ways to Leverage Online Coaching Platforms to Cultivate Powerful Employees

By Sean Gordon

At its core, coaching is nothing but a conversation between coach and employee. The best coaching embodies a back-and-forth dialogue that offers ongoing support and empowers employees to grow while increasing their confidence.

So how can managers, department heads and other sales professionals utilize online coaching platforms to build strong, motivated and high-performing employees?

Here are 3 ways vidREACH’s online coaching features can up your team’s game:

1 – Fully customizable coaching

Say goodbye to outdated, one-size-fits all platforms. The best online coaching platforms benefit all members of your team through tailor-made features. Managers need the ability to easily customize their coaching platform to meet their team’s specific needs, allowing them to focus on optimal coaching tactics while promoting relationships and interactions among team members.

With vidREACH Inspire’s enhanced online coaching features such as shared learning for digital collaboration, “drip” video features that allow timed content release in small and consumable amounts and face-to-face instant video access for both desktop and mobile, your team can seamlessly interact and learn in an expedited timeframe.

2 – Something for everyone

Online coaching benefits all members of a coaching scenario. Managers and department heads can create specific coaching initiatives depending on what skills are needed the most. Whether it’s learning to be more customer-centric, improving customer service, coaching for a specific certification, helping seasoned employees reach their peak performance or simply training new sales representatives, your online coaching software needs to for your specific needs.

Sales professionals can also take advantage of vidREACH’s online coaching platform. The holistic, comprehensive setup is perfect for sales professionals to easily create a platform that increases the skills and knowledge retention of their sales teams. The platform also offers specific features for helping slower performers catch up quickly, as well as seamless communication options between all members, promoting a culture of teamwork and unity.

3 – Increased flexibility

Ever needed access to something from your work desktop, but you weren’t in the office? Eliminate this annoyance with vidREACH’s cloud-based Internet platform, accessible from anywhere at anytime, making it a great option for telecommuters and those with busy, ever-conflicting schedules. Managers can directly connect with their team without having to be in the office, allowing for increased mobility and productivity.

In today’s world of smartphone use, vidREACH’s online coaching software is accessible from mobile phones and tablets, opening up a world of possibilities on-the-go.

vidREACH works with your team to quickly solve your toughest workforce challenges through innovative cloud-based technology. To learn more about our online coaching platform vidREACH Inspire, try out our free demo today.


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