What is Video Coaching?

By Sean Gordon

The difference between an effective team and an ineffective team comes right down to management. With the wrong management, your company will not only fail to thrive, but it will also fail to exist.

Alternatively, with the right management, there’s nothing your team can’t do! What it comes down to is this: coaching is far greater than management. We’ve talked about this before, but the sooner we can implement a coaching attitude the better our teams will become. However, coaching your team from the ground floor isn’t always feasible. How can we work around this? The magic of video coaching! Video coaching is an excellent way to guide and teach your team members to be the absolute best that they can be.

Here, we have 4 ways for you to use video coaching to make your workplace run smoother:

Creates Closer Relationships 

Coaches need to establish a close relationship with your team. A happy team member will feel like they are a part of a family. With video coaching, you can establish closer, more personal relationships with your team without ever actually being in the same space.

Consider this: you have someone on sales on your team who’s had a difficult track record in closing deals. They finally landed a huge deal that results in a pretty big commission for them and a lot of business for the company, which is great news! Video coaching software is a great way to connect to that team member and congratulate them face-to-face and encourage further hard work.

Team Acceleration

Another aspect of video coaching is that it’s a great way to track and improve the performance of your team. With vidREACH’s video coaching software, you can build your team the right way with unification and encouragement. A unified team will be able to overcome some of the bigger obstacles a lot easier, and you will be able to see everyone’s progress all the way through. Additionally, it allows your team to send you creative ideas and pitches for how to better sell your product. Collaboration is the key here.

Setting Goals

One of the most exciting aspects of video coaching is that it helps people progress in their industry by setting clear, attainable goals to accomplish. Through video, you can encourage, educate and excite your employee into becoming a better individual, as well as a better co-worker. At the most basic level, you can look at this as a great way of improving their performance at your organization. But if you expand your sights even further, you can help your team members not only become great at the job they are in, but also train them for the next steps in their career.

Who Benefits?

Really everyone. But most notably, your sales team. Your sales team is the living, breathing life-force of your organization. With vidREACH’s coaching platform, video coaching is a great way to not only improve sales skills but knowledge retention as well. A knowledgeable person in sales is an incredibly vital tool. Video coaching can also be an incredibly useful tool for your department heads, where they can develop customer-centric teams, new sales rep orientation, customer service practice, employee coaching, training skill certification and support knowledge.

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