How Video Integration Takes Online Coaching to the Next Level

By Sean Gordon

Effective coaching is a crucial factor in the success of both new and seasoned employees at your company. When coaching a technologically-advanced workforce, your coaching style needs to reflect the newest coaching innovations, evolving to accommodate the never-ceasing advancements of the digital world. One such advancement is the use of video integration in online coaching.

Coaches can benefit from video integration in 3 huge ways:

1 – Video is more effective than text alone

Compared to text alone, video coaching increases employee engagement. Incorporating video into content aids in the user experience, making it more effective than traditionally viewed text content — and the same is true with online coaching.

The truth is, users consume video more quickly than text, allowing them to absorb more content with less effort and in less time. Video offers a more interactive, entertaining and diverse learning experience than text alone. Large blocks of text can quickly overwhelm and discourage even the best of learners.

Coaching is best with a multifaceted approach; it’s not a one-size-fits-all endeavor. While some employees may learn best from simply reading, others may be more visual or auditory learners, meaning they would benefit immensely from video content.

2 – Video shows a willingness to keep up with the new generation

In today’s always-connected world of instant access and immediate gratification, coaching must reflect the learning styles of the workforce. How do millennials consume news? Through video. How do they learn to put together the bed frame they just bought? Through video. How do they catch up with a long-lost friend? Through video chat.

Why not coach them in the same way? Teaching your team in their language will pay off tenfold in well-trained, appreciative and motivated employees.

3 – Video encourages more collaboration

Working as a team versus working alone often results in higher success rates. Why not utilize this concept in coaching? With vidREACH Inspire’s shared learning, users and coaches make and share videos with teammates instantly, expediting learning and allowing employees to benefit from the priceless social aspect of team bonding while learning, building camaraderie, relationships and trust amongst employees.

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