Adaptive learning.

You may have heard the phrase, but what is it? This highly-effective method of learning has grown massively in recent years thanks to highly-customizable technological innovations. It’s one of biggest advantages of using online training softwares for your employees.

The concept of adaptive learning is not new — in fact, famous psychologist B.F. Skinner helped pioneer the similar idea of programmed instruction via paper books in the 1950’s. But the use of technology has expanded and innovated the idea so far that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has donated millions to support its advancement.

So what exactly is adaptive learning and how can it benefit your employees?

What is adaptive learning?

In a nutshell, adaptive learning is a software’s ability to continually customize and modify content based on a user’s prior performance, essentially “adapting” it to the specific user’s learning needs. It’s done by constantly analyzing and collecting user-specific data, the same way a website’s cookies may present you with relevant items based on your previous search and purchase history. Adaptive learning utilizes the same technology with a user’s performance history, with the goal of completely transforming the traditional learning experience.

How is adaptive learning valuable for employees?

Adaptive learning not only helps learners feel more engaged and involved in the learning process, but it makes learning more dynamic and efficient. Imagine having your own personal teacher available at all times. Now with such personalized learning strategies, employees are able to learn skills quickly while enjoying the process.

The result?  Employees are more engaged, motivated and confident in their skills and abilities.

How does adaptive learning differ from traditional learning?

While the consistent analysis and high level of personalization in adaptive learning accommodates each learner’s specific strengths and weaknesses, traditional learning presents a more one-size-fits-all method — meaning there is no special attention given to easily-understood material that requires little time or harder-to-understand topics that may require more time.

vidREACH’s innovative training software utilizes adaptive learning techniques to train employees more effectively and efficiently. With the ability to create personalized course suggestions based on prior skills performance, users are able to go at their own pace, spending more time on more difficult topics and less on ones they already know. If an employee has a specific role in mind they want to work towards, they can follow a tailor-made learning path specifically for that role.

With the adaptive techniques in vidREACH’s online training software, your employees will learn vital company skills faster, more thoroughly and with less effort. Try our free demo, and join the over 4.5 million others who have transformed their workplace through the innovative digital solutions at vidREACH.