The term “LMS” is steadily growing in popularity but without much clarity as to what it means.

Don’t worry. We are here to answer the question “what is a learning management system?” and explore ways in which vidREACH’s LMS training platform can support your business’ growth.

What is a Learning Management System?

As technology is rapidly adapting and changing at what seems like the speed of light, a streamlined, organized training system is critical to the success of a business and the advancement of its employees.

Enter a learning management system (LMS).

So, what is LMS exactly?

An LMS is a collaborative, powerful software tool that allows for the delivery, organization, assessment and tracking of online education courses (“e-learning”). With accessibility across multiple electronic devices, LMS products and software enable any organization to seamlessly create coursework, distribute it with an unprecedented range and flexibility and manage its use in real time. Though the traditional application of an LMS is in educational institutions, it is widely adopted within the business sector – and experiencing a greater impact – as an invaluable training platform for both employees and customers.

Who uses an LMS and why?

Since all organizations, regardless of size, need to train employees, any company within any industry can benefit from an LMS.  By providing an online platform for employees to learn at their own pace in their own timeframe, companies can reduce learning costs and eliminate business process disruption, and employees learn similar content without the presence of subjective methods from various trainers.

In addition to training, the LMS platform can also be utilized in different ways:

  • New Hire Orientation – Simplify the on-boarding process and create a portal for important information about the company, specific job descriptions, HR documents or career advancement opportunities.
  • Knowledge Retention – Ensure that even after an employee’s departure or department move, the techniques, skills and processes remain intact in a central, accessible database.
  • External Education – Example uses: educating clients on how to use software, governmental education of the general public about programs, NGOs enhancing awareness of their cause or a school supplementing classroom-based courses.

How vidREACH incorporates LMS principles:

Successfully training and retaining employees is one of a company’s top priorities; however, this can often be one of its biggest challenges. With vidREACH Train, we streamline the process and easily solve some of the most frustrating roadblocks.

  • Learn on any mobile device
  • Quickly create, assign and track courses
  • Scalable training management software solution
  • Set up in less than 5 minutes

Delivery and Organization:

No matter what the format of your training and development content, we have you covered. Instantly upload or create all your materials in any format and deliver training on demand via our web-based portal or user-friendly mobile app. With our flexible organization structure, you have the control to set up your platform according to your company’s specific needs.  

Assessment and Tracking:

We take continuing education to the next level through our adaptive learning features, which can make personalized suggestions based on skills performance and interested career path progression. When employees are challenged and striving toward a future goal, employee morale is enhanced and retention rates rise.

KPIs are critical to measuring the health of your business. We recognize the importance of being able to easily correlate any KPI with your training metrics, so we created a unique tool to set effective training goals to improve all departments of your business.

What sets vidREACH Train apart from other learning management systems?

  • The only mobile, social and video training platform in the marketplace
  • Train employees, managers and even partners – anywhere, anytime
  • Student using smart phone at college library for mobile coaching and trainingUpload nearly any file type instantly into our online training platform
  • Customize access and assignments based on criteria you choose
  • Create communities for any topic to stimulate communication, file sharing and collaboration among peers
  • Ability to limit access to training material outside of the working environment based on physical or IP address configurations
  • Open API to integrate with any third-party software and build an SSO implementation
  • Natural knowledge sharing via peer Q&A and recognition
  • Social integration to Yammer and Facebook network
  • Set up rules for new or existing team members

Recap – What is LMS and how can it help your business?

In short, an LMS administers organization, delivery and management of e-learning courses, enabling you to efficiently and effectively create e-learning content, organize courses, enroll students, deliver courses internally or externally, monitor attendance and assess performance. Check out vidREACH Train to learn more about our innovative features and to get started transforming your business today!