When it comes to training new employees, you may be unsure which training method is the most efficient for your company’s time, money and resources. Webinars and online training are two widely-utilized options, but they have distinct differences.

Woman and man using mobile platforms for shared learningA webinar is a live, online teaching session, typically in a lecture-style presentation, offering a broad overview of various topics, complete with a question-and-answer session from viewers at the end. Webinars usually have a pre-scheduled time and date, which is the only time the presentation can be accessed. While typically an affordable option, webinars lack many of the customizable features of online training courses.

An online training course, on the other hand, is a custom-made, in-depth, on-demand digital class that can be accessed anywhere at any time. Most classes include interactive tools, multimedia supplements, exercises, quizzes and other resources for a specific topic.

Here are 5 reasons online training is more effective for training employees:

  1. Customization
    While webinars have essentially no customizable features, online training allows users to go at their own pace. They’re not subject to others’ questions that may not be relevant to them, and can review the material as many times as needed to truly comprehend the subject. It’s pretty hard (read: impossible) to rewind a live webinar if you miss something.
  1. Flexibility
    Online training can be accessed anywhere at anytime, preventing the issue of scheduling conflicts. vidREACH Train’s courses are even available via a mobile app, making them truly on-the-go.
  1. Manager using an online coaching app with Millennials in the officeInteractivity
    Generally, online courses provide the ability to interact with the learner in ways webinars can’t. vidREACH Train offers a social and communicative aspect that makes learning more interesting, fun and effective.
  1. Ability to test retention
    What’s the point of teaching something if you can’t verify that the student actually learned the information? One of the best things about online training is its ability to ensure accountability and confirm retention through exercises, assignments, quizzes and tests. vidREACH’s training software lets you insert your own KPIs to measure the true impact of the training course on ROI.
  1. Additional resources
    In addition to custom training creation, online courses offer the option to upload additional resources (extra videos, guides, pdfs,) for employees to learn more about a certain topic if needed. With vidREACH Train, you can upload almost any kind of supplemental file to your course.

Now that you know the benefits of online training courses, check out vidREACH’s renowned digital training system vidREACH Train and transform the way your company trains new employees.