If your business is not familiar with Shared Learning, there are plenty of reasons to learn more about this way of doing things in the workplace. Not only does Shared Learning have plenty of benefits for the company, but it is equally beneficial to your staff. Here are just a few ways that Shared Learning is an innovative way of getting more out of your employees while they have fun.

Shared Learning Fosters Camaraderie

There is a reason why classrooms often have students work in teams. It allows them to learn from others and figure out problems as a team. But it also fosters a better understanding of each other and often times, the team members become friends. At the very least, they get to learn that everyone’s ideas are important and how to work out issues for the betterment of the project.

If employees have camaraderie and an understanding of each other then you typically have a better workplace. Shared learning allows your employees to learn together in a more exciting way and enables them to learn more about each other and propagate a better idea of each other’s opinions, differences, and similarities. Shared learning also allows employees to train new hires easier because they already have the knowledge needed to be able to share with others.

The Company Gains With Shared Learning

An excellent benefit for the company is that if someone integral has to leave the workplace, there are other staff members who have the skills and training to continue the work without leaving the business in a bind. According to a study done in 2012 by the Center for American Progress:

It costs companies one-fifth of an employee’s annual salary to replace a worker who leaves.

By allowing employees to take part in shared learning, it allows them to switch things up – keeping the workplace fresh and less boring, especially when it comes to training. By letting employees switch roles and groups, it mixes things up and for the better. For instance, major firms like Hubspot and Kayak do this and according to an MIT study, by allowing employees to mix things up and play musical chairs so to speak, it helps create ideas that are unique and creative while encouraging experimentation.

Another company that uses Shared Learning to enhance their employee experience is Google. They actively encourage their staff members to participate in Shared Learning in other departments within the company. The employee returns with a new set of skills as well as meeting new people and gaining insight into something they do not normally do.

Shared Learning Adds Energy

Let’s face it, work can get boring and especially in training situations. By putting employees into groups and allowing them to participate in a Shared Learning environment, the workplace is fresh and new and you will see a difference in how employees interact with each other, how they share new ideas, and how they come to decisions in a manner that is peaceful and fair.

Just like team building sessions, it is supposed to be fun but beneficial to the company and when you have that combination, it is a win/win situation. Shared Learning is similar to team building but allows it to go on in more of a continuous fashion rather than just a weekend retreat.

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