What is content curation?

When I think of the word “curation,” I immediately think of an art curator — an old, wise, sophisticated man with spectacles and a pipe whose job is to select only the best, finest and most impactful pieces of art to be displayed in a museum or gallery.

The same concept applies to content curation — the act of searching, filtering, selecting and sharing only the most relevant, stimulating, high-quality content on a specific topic for a given audience.

When that audience is your employees, content curation can be a very powerful and effective tool for employee development. Whether for training up new members or coaching more experienced ones, proper content curation provides a wealth of information that can help your workforce learn, grow and become more successful versions of themselves.

It takes time and effort, but if done correctly, but the payoffs can be substantial. Here are a few of the key benefits of content curation for employee coaching and training:

1. It’s timely

No more scrambling to constantly create content that’s up-to-date with the newest trends, shifts and industry changes — with content curation, the key is simply finding the most current content, not writing it (giving you more time to find the best). Content that’s perfectly aligned with current industry trends coupled with content within the context of your team’s specific coaching needs is a powerful combination. Further, timeliness often increases interest: your employees enjoy reading the latest information on the subjects they spend so many hours of their lives pursuing each day at work

2. It’s organized

Oftentimes in training and coaching, simply accessing the content itself is half the battle. Content curation through the use of a consolidated online coaching platform eliminates the need for your employees to constantly search through various mediums to find content (online, in random folders, attached to an email, and so on). Once all the content is housed in one place, they’ll know exactly where to find it, allowing them to pick the content most suited for them and increasing the odds that they’ll actually take the time to read it.

3. It’s focused

The Internet is a massive wealth of data on any given topic, but not all of it is relevant to your company’s goals or your team’s development. With content curation, you can sift through the sand to find only the best seashells, resulting in finely filtered material that directly relates to your team’s training goals.

4. It’s responsive

When you read something captivating, you naturally want to share and discuss it with others. And when users can easily communicate and share knowledge from curated content with each other, they learn more quickly. If renowned American physicist Frank Oppenheimer found success in the old Latin proverb “the best way to learn is to teach,” so can your employees. Encourage collaboration through a platform that allows your team to easily share curated content via instant messaging and video messaging.

5. It’s ongoing

If your team knows that they’ll get a notification at the same time each week with compelling, relevant and role-specific content, they can not only look forward to it, but they can more easily plan it into their agenda — a massive improvement from sending one-off content at random times throughout the week. It helps your team establish a perpetual sequence of learning that seamlessly fits into their pre-existing schedules, enabling a continuous flow that caters to each person’s timetable.

vidREACH’s online coaching platform can help you make the most of your curation efforts. Let us know your triumphs and challenges of content curation in the comments below.