Coaching and training employees are keys to improving a business and getting more out of the staff you already have. That’s why more companies are employing training software to provide constant help, improvements, and feedback to the team. While this software was formerly only available on the desktop, it has now been adapted for the mobile phone and tablet computer. That has resulted in a number of major benefits. Companies like Hirenami are producing world class mobile coaching apps to help employees and companies get to the next level. There are several important benefits of mobile training


More than anything, Americans are changing their media consumption habits from analog TVs, to digital internet, to mobile browsing. Many Americans spend more time gazing at their mobile tablets and phones than any other type of device. The culture of using these devices as permeated the culture and caused a major social change. For that reason, companies that want to distribute content and ensure that employees utilize it, better make sure to implement a mobile solution.

Employees with mobile solutions are much more likely to browse, train and learn from them in their spare time. They take mobile coaching better through a trusted interface and have better memories of the coaching.


Mobile platforms also allow much easier sharing utilizing other apps and services. Users training on mobile systems can easily share content on social media platforms when they are so inclined. They are also directly hooked into their company email systems and slack channels so that they can provide instant feedback and questions on certain materials. While that is also possible on desktop systems, mobile platforms offer far more seamless sharing tools.

Ease Of Use

Of course, mobile platforms are easier to use because they can be carried almost anywhere. Employees seeking training or coaching on the go have that option with mobile platforms. Whether they are on their way to a sales meeting, touching base with new partners or simply commuting home from work, they have the ability to be coached with mobile solutions.

Screening Candidates

Hiring managers are constantly working through resumes to find the perfect candidate. This tedious process is time consuming and aggravating. Placing the screening system allows the manager to take this process on the go so that they can more efficiently work through the candidates. Furthermore, optimized systems can actually do some of the work for hiring managers so that they are left with only top candidates to browse through.

Traditional Training

Mobile coaching platforms also allow for traditional training methods on the go. That includes lessons, reviews, and tests. Both audio and video are also available to increase the variety and impact of training. Further, social connections are integrated into mobile training to allow for feedback, discussion, and mentorship. From the company side, materials that are uploaded into the system are just as easily viewed on a desktop as a mobile device.

Inspiration and Champions

Lastly, mobile allows traditional coaching experiences through immersive stories and examples. These inspire employees to reach for their dreams and become champions. Not only do they become more ethical and purposeful, they also seek to do a better job. That helps to move the company forward and increase productivity. Learners that have been inspired are more likely to close the sale, create the next break through product or execute error free work. That results in a higher profit for the company and overall happier employees.

Hirenami‘s platform has been used by over 3.5 million users to train, inspire and educate over the years. Companies have received more efficient employees that are ready to make an impact immediately. For more information, please contact us.